• Sun. Feb 25th, 2024

Second phase Poll of Assam and West Bengal

Dr Tapashi Gupta

Corona Tsunami-Second wave is already started to flowing in the air, but another flu which creates flood in some parts of India that is election flu. Kings, Super Kings, Ministers all become desperate and the followers are becoming mad with the election in addition to the festival of colours. Really its a question about the Corona - does it really exists or its a part of political drama? Kings and super Kings organizing road show, rally without following the COVID-19 rules and regulations. The whole process of election is nothing but a great ‘Mahajagga’and the state government employees are the best devotees, majority of which are teachers. Teachers are multidimensional and nowadays playing in multipurpose projects. Teachers are always serious, brilliant, intellectual so in every crucial political game the role of teachers as an obedient workforce is must, it might keep them away from their original responsibities- to make the nation. Most interesting is that majority of them are school and college teachers, several teachers are shifted to the NRC duty, Census duty fot long term and the question is that does these teachers can again will be able to come back to their original responsibilities? - God knows, it seems breaking the nation to make the nation. Election is not going to held within a day or month its a lengthy process government can easily hire the unemployed youths of the state and trained them for election duty. It can solve the unemployment problem of the state temporarily also.

The second phase Poll is ahead. Slowly and steadily the election flu is flowing towards Assam and West Bengal. The election process in West Bengal is not less than the battle of Kurukshetra or battle of Palashi. Media is playing a vital role in this. Ethics of journalism got frustrated. Kings and super Kings became daily passenger of some interior parts of the state only to campaign for their own party. Some of them are entertaining the public also by singing and dancing. General public enjoys their helplessness and witnesses their high drama. Every political party are showing their political strengths ignoring the covid protocol and environmental adverse weather. Young voters voting for the upcoming assembly election are very serious. In this digital-era, keeping themselves updated on current affairs is no big deal. But their expectations are high. They want immediate solutions for unemployment, a promise to control prices rise and better living conditions. The voters of age group of 18-25 years expect parties to suggest constructive ideas to resolve their grievance, employment generation and industrial development to prevent migration for jobs rather than indulge in non productive rhetoric and hate speeches. Some young voters prefer to vote for new entorant and would like to give them an opportunity to understand their capabilities.

( Dr. Tapashi Gupta, Associate professor (Retd), Department of Zoology (HOD), Lumding College, Assam )

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