• Sun. May 26th, 2024

Silchar flok Singer utilizing his telephone to help the confidence of Covid 19 patients

When the world is facing a challenge, it is a time of emergency which we all are fighting in our way. The Covid 19 pandemic has shown us the worst face of life. People are forced to stay isolated, students are deprived of their school and college life, people are working from home. The forefront workers are striving to save us from this pandemic.

A flok singer from Silchar has given us the arrangement. Youthful society artiste of Barak Valley Bikramjit Kar is likewise prominently known as Baulia has shared his phone number via web-based media so that individuals can call him to tune in to melodies. Bikramjit Kar has contacted the Corid-19 patients of the locale and the country with his novel drive

Bikramjit Kar referenced that he got this inspiration from unbelievable artist Lopamundra Mitra who on her online media stage posted that she (Lopamundra Mitra) will sing melodies and discuss sonnets for the Coronavirus patients.

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Bikramjit Kar has referenced that he has gotten in excess of 217 calls from the Bthree district of Barak Valley and different pieces of the country. ” While I have gotten calls to sing melodies from patients who are in home segregation, for the most part, there have been demands from individuals who have been exhausted with the agony around us.

More than the physical ailment, the disease has also brought mental distress and I believe we have to come out of the stigma triggered by the onslaught of the virus, this is the time we must rise above and stand by people in despair and ignite hope that we can overcome the crisis together. Music therapy does wonders in healing” the singer maintained.

Bikramjit Kar also mentioned that he runs a medical store in the Malugram area of Silchar town and he is delivering medicines free of cost to the families of covid 19 affected patients.

Bikramjit Kar has set an example and our society need more person with optimistic attitude in this hour of crisis.

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