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Feminism in Northeastern states of India

Feminism has become the most controversial, most discussed and most contested subject in India’s current academic field.

North-East Indian feminism generally depended on western feminism as well as the Indian feminism framework.
The study reveals that the Northeast is better off than that of the nation as a whole in terms of gender equality.

The women entrepreneur of Northeast India is very little known outside their own region. We bring you here some truly innovative success stories.

Northeastern India covering the eight states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipuri, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura is famously known for its many enterprising women who take their fair share in economic activity and contributing to society.

Most women in these states engage in economic activity in some form on others, at various level – home based income generating activities to opening high end fashion stores and larger Bussiness such as food processing units.
Here are some truly inspiring women entrepreneurs from North-East India. You can get a picture of the region through the love of these admirable and highly resourceful women.

Rita rage, Arunachal Pradesh – an agricultural engineer ,Rita Tage turned Zero’s locally abundant kiwi fruit into one of the finest wines in India. The commercial wine was branded Naara Aaba.

Shuba Devi, Manipur-Shuba completed her Master’s Degree in Food and Nutrition from Banasthali Bidyapith Rajasthan. After working in the development sector for more than 10 years, she took the plunge to venture into the packaged food industry. Initially, she started with only a few hundred rupees but today Meira foods products are available in local shops across Manipuri.

Janessaline Mary Pyngrop, Meghalaya – entrepreneur Janessaline began her journey in 2011. She and her business partner designer David lunched the first ethic fashion house in Meghalaya. A high-end fashion house, their work has now gone global.

Jasmine Zeliang, Nagaland – From working with only 3women weavers in Nagaland, Jasmine is today an executive member of the handicrafts and carpet sector skill council from North East Region..

Archita Ray, Tripura – Archita hatchery cum poultry farm has brought employment to many women in Tripitaka Her firm Kanuo hatchery in Amtalu is one of the first private hatcheries in the state of Tripitaka.

These women entrepreneurs from North East India have each broken multiple barriers, many of us in mainland India still know very little about our sister in the North East.

Sadhana Sinha

The writer has won Global Leadership Awards 2020 in India best Saloon and make-up artist.

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