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Plantation Drive on World Environment Day 2021 at Guwahati

Keeping view of the World Environment day 2021, the Voice of Environment (VoE) and Xomadhan (a self-help institution) performed a plantation drive at B. Borooah College Guwahati premises on sixth June 2021. For environmental sustainability, nation-building activities and food secured state, an ongoing undertaking commenced through the team VoE in advance. The group has planted some fruit-bearing tree saplings inclusive of Xilikha (Indian hog plum), Aamlokhi (Indian gooseberry), Jalfai (Olive), Madhuri Aam (Guava), Kordoi (Star Fruit). The essential components include vermicompost, coco-peat so that the tree saplings undergo within the coming days with induces herbal boom.

Fruit-bearing timber is full-size as we will have sparkling fruits to consume, our land will not be afflicted by soil erosion, there might be fewer landslides and flooding, and similarly, we can have sparkling air to breathe. Apart from supplying us with the sheer pleasure of choosing out sparkling fruit, fruit timber also can make contributions to a healthful atmosphere. By planting fruit bushes, the greenhouse effect may be decreased and sluggish the fee of global warming.

The Voice of Environment (VoE) group has led through Bhaskar Hazarika, Dhanjit Gogoi from Xomadhan, and Environmentalist Moharana Choudhury. The College group of workers provided their assist at some stage in the plantation drive. Dr. Diganta Choudhury, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, B. Boruah College, and his students and staff were also present during the campaign.

The motive of this small plantation force is to generate consciousness, ship a symbolic message among the residents and students the importance of flowers without delay associated with our ecological balance, meals safety, imaginative and prescient smooth, and green Assam initiative. Since the complete global faces a Covid-19 pandemic, we need to opt for a better, cleaner, greener, food secured, and sustainable environment.
The crew believes “together we will make a distinction.”

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