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After Tripura now Manipur became the second Northeastern States of India where Apple farming starts

Hard work always gives the best example of everyone’s life. People of the northeastern states of India always can do everything because of their hard work.

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After Tripura now Manipur became the second northeastern India where Apple farming starts.

Awungshi Shimray Augustina is changing people’s perception in Manipur towards Apple as a cultivable product.

Awungshi Shimray Augustinaquit her job in a Singapore-based company and starts apple farming in her village near the Indo Myanmar border.

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In April 2019, Augustina planted 55 saplings of which 52 survived.

“From the produce of 210 kilograms of Apple, she harvested 130 kilograms this year and 70 kilograms is yet to be harvested,” said Augustina.

Good quality apples are being sold anywhere from Rs 2500 to Rs 3000 per standard box in Manipur.

Over the years, Manipur and Tripura are now seeing good quality and quantity of Apple yields.

Earlier Tripura sets a new milestone by successfully producing Apples in northeastern states of India.

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