• Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

Tribute to first reformer Prime Minister of India on his 100th birth anniversary

Today is the 100th birth anniversary of former Prime Minister of India P.V. Narashima Rao. Bron on 28 June 1921. He was an Indian lawyer and the first south Indian person who served as the Prime Minister of India.

Many people called him a reformer Prime Minister of India. When India was heading towards an economic disaster Narashima Rao along with his Finance Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh who was an RBI governor made a plan and implemented the new word globalization in the Indian Economy.

The Indian economy was open for World Investors during the Narashima Rao period. Later his government policy fully followed by Atal Bihari Bajpayee, Manmohan Singh and the present Narendra Modi government.

For which he is always referred to as the ” Father of Indian economic reforms “.

Vice President of India M Venkaiah Naidu tweeted on his 100th birth anniversary

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