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“Second largest City of Assam” may be the “Second sports capital of Assam”

By Debopam Purkayastha

One thing that arises in your mind Bengali specially Sylheti-dominated more than 139 years old City which is called the “Second largest city of Assam” always focuses on some unnecessary issues like the Citizenship Amendment Act, NRC, etc. If you round this City from Ranghirkhari to Silchar Medical College, no doubt everyone who visits from outside called one question why the second largest city of Assam is one of the dirtiest cities of Assam?

This city has a glorious history :

This city was founded by Captain Thomas Fisher in 1832 when he shifted the headquarters of Cachar to Janiganj in Silchar. Due to the initiatives of Captain Fisher, a medical center was established in Silchar in 1835, which became a hospital in 1864.

Politically after Independence, this City elected many strongest politicians in India like Jyotsna Chanda, Rashida Haque Choudhury, Nurul Huda, Santosh Mohan Deb, Kabindra Purkayastha, Sushmita Deb.

Maybe the second sports capital of Assam:

Many people of Assam never know the first football club of Assam born in this City. India Club was established in 1900. The first competitive modern form of polo was played in Silchar as well, and the plaque for this feat still stands behind the local District Library.

In the 1850s, the British observed exiled Manipuri princes in Silchar play Sagol Kangjei, the predecessor to modern which was already popular in nearby Manipur. Captain Robert Stewart, then assistant deputy commissioner, participated in the game with the Manipuri players.

Maybe one of the business potential hubs of Assam :

Present-day Silchar may be the business potential hub of Assam for tea, rice, and other agricultural products. It has an airport and lies on both a rail line and a highway connecting with Mizoram, Manipur, Tripura and highway connectivity with Meghalaya.

But this City faces a lot of problems :


Problem: One of the major problems of Silcharian, Every day Silcharian face this problem during office hours. But no one can’t solve their main problem.


It’s a major problem of Silcharian. People of this city are struggling to cope with their waterlogged residences and lanes. The waterlogging menace has been magnified in the absence of a modern and proper drainage network.

Need Better Medical Treatment :

Many organizations in Silchar have taken exception to the cardiology department of the Silchar Medical College and Hospitals, but until now, no one can focus on it. Due to the absence of a cardiologist, many patients have had to suffer over a long time. Some of them even had to face death due to the lack of proper treatment.

Communication Problem:

One of the major problems of Silcharian in this City. They only depend on auto-rickshaw. Never found the City bus facility of other major cities of Eastern India like Durgapur and Siliguri.

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