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I recently visited the Dima Hasao district of the State of Assam in northeastern India. I found the place as a paradise and with great potential in terms of eco-tourism. Its natural beauty and weather are mesmerizing. Dima Hasao was previously known as the North Cachar Hills district. Since 2011 the Assam district is the least populous. After Karbi Anglong, it is the second-largest district in Assam. Dima Hasao is surrounded by north-east Karbi Anglong, Nagaland, East Manipur, North Hojai, North-West West Karbi Anglong, and West Meghalaya and in the South Cachar District of Assam. Haflong is the district headquarters and is the only hill station in Assam. This place is a tourist paradise and also known as Switzerland of North –East India.

Beautiful Road of Dima Hasao
(Photo by: Moharana Choudhury)

Dima Hasao was a part of the Kingdom of Dimasa Kachari during the Middle Ages (1500–1854) named; Kingdom of Cachar; in Maibang. The Dimasan Kingdom, according to the terms; Ahom Buranjee ( Assam history ), This district represents various cultural communities, associations with different ethnic groups are residing with peace and harmony in this district. The people are very rich in diversified culture, friendly and known for their warm hospitality.

Haflong Town – 
Haflong is located in the district headquarter and is known for its blue hills. Haflong has a subtropical highland climate that falls just short of a tropical savanna environment. The town is situated 310 KM from Guwahati city of Assam. Around 43000 people inhabit the town. The town of Halfong is stunning, and it is a fantastic destination for anyone visiting its environs to enjoy some quiet. The town has a distinct peacefulness, and clouds hover in nook and cranny all of the time. The freshness in the air transcends the sectarian divisions that have afflicted this region in the past. Here, a traveller can see a variety of intriguing sights. The area is also famous for various local fruits, especially pineapple.

Natural Beauty of Dima Hasao
(Photo by: Moharana Choudhury)

The New Haflong Railway Station:
This location is also a lovely location near Haflong town and newly constructed by Indian Railways for a broad-gauge extension. However, the old Haflong railway station is also very nice and known for its heritage site. The new Haflong railway station is situated in a valley area surrounded by high hill Blue Mountains as per the locals the view of the full moon is a most beautiful sight from this station and same for sunrise and sunsets.

Wonderful view of new Haflong railway station
(Photo by: Moharana Choudhury)

The Kali Bari- The Holy Shrine of the Mother Goddess.

The Haflong Lake- With its picturesque location is another favourite family excursion site in Halflong.

The Ethnic Village- The place is located near Haflong Town, where one can see and understand various ethnic groups of Dima Hasao district visiting hours from 7 AM to 5 PM and during winter 8 AM to 4 PM.

Abraham View Point: One can see the mesmerizing view of high hills with clouds around from this viewpoint.

Jatinga Valley View Point: A village on a ridge is the mysterious valley of Jatinga with its legend of flocks of birds coming here to commit hara-kiri. Ever since the bird mystery here has unfolded, people’s attention has always gone to that phenomenon and in the process. The valley of Jatinga minus the bird mystery is still a better place than many popular destinations in India. Internationally, though, Jatinga is known for the odd circumstances surrounding the birds that come here to commit; suicide. The view of the sunrise from this place is a fantastic sight to be witnessed. The valley is also very famous for its orange fruit production.

Jatinga (Old) Bird Watch Tower: There is a watchtower under the Dima Hasao Forest West Division, Haflong, where one can see the various species of migratory and local birds and the mesmerizing blue mountain hill view surrounded by clouds.

Haflong Town View: Popularly known as Muolpong one can view the entire Haflong town.

Botanical Garden: Is also a nice place to visit at Haflong.

Khogsai Field: This is a nice place to visit during the evening time.

Maibong:  The name Mailbong has derived from two words as Mai, which means paddy, and bang implies an abundance of paddy. This small town is a small hilly town of Dima Hasao district, the erstwhile capital of the Dimasa Kachari Kingdom, located near the bank of the Mahur River. The main attractions in Maibong are the Rajbari ruins of Kachari Kindom, the famous stone house, a monolithic ancient Indian temple from the 12th century. The Maibong Waterfall is also a nice place to visit.

The famous stone house which is a monolithic ancient Indian temple at Maibong
(Photo by: Moharana Choudhury)

Ramchandi Temple: A must-visit in Maibong and also the art of the place attracts the visitors. There are many such exciting and pleasant locations around this beautiful district of Assam, but here, I mentioned only the principal and significant places. This district is a beautiful district of Assam with a great potential for eco-tourism, which can help boost its economy and employment generation.

By Moharana Choudhury

Environmentalist and Researcher


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