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Nagaland celebrates Tuluni Festival

One of the important festivals of Nagaland.

This festival is celebrated in the month of July.

The festival is celebrated by the ‘Sumi’ tribe in Nagaland.

The festival was marked by prayers and offerings to Litsaba – the deity of fruitfulness who gives life and protection to the crops.

Thousands of Sumis in their traditional fineries joined the celebrations, 

Originally, Tuluni festival was celebrated for seven long days.

First Day. Asuzani, on this day rice millets are prepared by the locals.

Second Day. Aghizani, this day mainly goes into the preparation of rice beer. 

Third Day.  Ashigheni cows and pigs are slaughtered. 

Fourth Day.  It is also known as the Anighini.

Fifth Day. On this day, people invite their relatives for a grand feast. They also send rice and beer to them.

Sixth Day. This particular day is specifically dedicated to the youth of Nagaland. All the young couples dress in beautiful clothes and enjoy the day with great enthusiasm. In the local language, this day is known as Tupulani. 

Seventh Day. On the last day of this festival, people are not allowed to travel outside their village. This is done as a preventive measure, prohibiting the bad spirits to enter the village. 

Lok sabha Speaker Om Birla greets Nagaland people on Twitter,” Greetings to the people from #Nagaland on the festival of ‘#Tuluni’, celebrating their rich culture & tradition. It is an occasion to express our gratitude to motherland for her blessing to us with bountiful crops. May this festival bring happiness & prosperity in our lives.”

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