• Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

Rahul Gandhi slams govt Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s friends are being “monetized”

Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday attacks Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said, ” when farmers, labourers, small businesses, MSMEs and salaried class people are being “demonetised” while Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s friends are being “monetized”.

Rahul also said “On one hand, the Prime Minister says there will be demonetisation and on the other, the finance minister talks about monetisation,” what is this !

Rahul also attacked the central government over the hick of petrol, diesel and cooking gas price. He said when our government UPA left office, the price of LPG was Rs 410 a cylinder, today it is Rs 885 — a 116 per cent rise. In 2014 when despite high petro prices in the international market, prices were low in India.

In 1990 when Congress came into power India facing an economic catastrophe but again India is back at that time Rahul added.

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