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Weaving Technology & Tradition Together – Workshops by KiddyPi

The 75th independence year is a matter of pride for all of us. The government of India has launched numerous initiatives under the Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav programme. KiddyPi, a unique academy for STEM education in Bengaluru has started the Freedom Season, weekly online workshops for children of 6 to 16 year olds.

The weekend workshops have been specially curated around 2 topics – The Great Indian Freedom Movement and India’s Living Traditions. The weekend workshops are into the 4th week now. On 21st August, STEM Utsav – v1 was organised by KiddyPi

The participants learnt about various contests run by the Government of India. Age is really a number here as everyone can contribute to building a prosperous India even by participating in the contests.

An exciting quiz contest was organised on this occasion by KiddyPi. Children gave interesting replies to the questions and exchanged lots of ideas.

Coding & programming themed around Indian independence is another forte of KiddyPi. They have been conducting such events since the past few years. Activities like a robot hoisting the Indian flag, while the national anthem is being played in the background, always stir up excitement in the children.

In a virtual simulation of robots, children enjoyed their parade. They learnt how to program the robots to parade virtually.

Children also built an electronic LED-display using arduino, to mimic the Indian flag. The idea is to bring technologies like Robotics and Electronics within the reach of everyone.

Learning happens when there is practical application. For children, if it is fun-filled, they will make a beeline. Be it about science, technology, engineering & mathematics or culture and heritage.

KiddyPi aims at nudging the participants gently so as to stir up the whys and hows and whens. It automatically inspires them to learn and get their answers. The trainers give enough c(l)ues to come up with unique ways of solving problems. 

The fun activity named Sacred Geography is one of its kind where children will learn about the historic temples of India, with their geographies, in focus. This activity will be held in a weekend workshop during the 10-days long festival of Lord Vinayaka/ Ganesha. The Punyabhoomi of Bharatvarsha is replete with numerous such places. 

Tech Koluvu will be fashioned around the famous Navaratri Koluvu. It will be a grand exhibition of gadgets created by the students of KiddyPi. Students will showcase and talk about their projects, created under the guidance of the mentors of KiddyPi.

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