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Meet “Saptasur”, the first female spiritual music band from Hailakandi

Saptasur is the first female devotional music band formed in the Hailakandi district of Assam. This spiritual women’s music group made its first appearance on 9th July 2019 on the occasion of Guru Purnima.

The founding members of the group are Priyanka Chakraborty, Rimi Chakraborty, Moumita Das, Tanuja Paul, Nilakshi Sharma Priyanka Debnath, Surja Das Gupta. Kanuj Bhattacharjee is Founder and Director also Ratnaraj Pandit is Co. Founder and Managing Director of Saptasur. This music group brings spiritual songs on the occasion of various puja festivals.

Their first song was released in 2019 at Durga puja was “Ma Durga Elo Re” then in 2020 they covered the song “Tumi Surya Tumi Chandra” on the occasion of Shivratri and “Sonar Gaur” on the occasion of Janmashtami.

This year’s Saptasur’s theme song “Prokritir Protima” is a Matri Sangeet. 

Food and water from nature and we are punished if we do anything wrong. As well we worship mother nature as Maa Durga or we worship the clay idol of maa Durga and the Nobo Potrika made with natural ingredients.

They are trying to Established through this song. All in all, this song is an attempt to convey the message of keeping nature beautiful.

The song was written and composed by Kanuj Bhattacharjee and Sung By Priyanka Chakraborty and featured by Surya Dasgupta. “Maago Lavanyamayi” was composed by Puja Das and Features by Shruti Chowdhury, Sudipta Sharma, Sunny Chakraborty, Ratnaraj Pandit and Purnajyoti Dey.

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“Joy Dugga Mai Ki Joy” is the official group song of this year’s Durga Puja of Saptasur.

The music is based on Durga Puja. All songs have already been happily released on YouTube. One would find all the music on the channel called SAPTASUR OFFICIAL on YouTube. Mixing and mastering these songs was done by Studio Udicons. And Visuals , Cinematography and post processing ar done by Ratnaraj Pandit, Kanuj Bhattacharjee and Purnojyoti Dey under Sudio Bansuri.

On behalf of Saptasur, it has been informed that more songs will be sung in various programs and festivals in the coming days.

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