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Kumari Puja and Kamakhya Temple

Kumari Puja is another special ritual of Saradio Durga Puja in the autumn.

The Goddess #Kamakhya has been worshiped as the mother goddess since prehistoric times. That mother is called a Kumari in the age of Tantra. Goddess is Kamada, Kamasvarupini, Kamakhya.

According to the #Yoginitantra, Vishnu, who was persecuted in Brahmashapa and originated from sin, began to chant the eight-letter Mahavidya of Mahakali, which transcends all sins of austerities. Mahakali is satisfied with ten thousand years of austerities and at that moment a demon named Kol is born from the heart of Vishnu. In the ordeal of this mighty Kolasur, the gods of the heavens lose their trembling and start praying to the traditional Mahavidya Kali for its salvation. At least in the prayer, Mahakali kills Kolasura in the form of a Kumari. She was an Oprosuti and a Kumari. From then on, all the gods and human beings started worshiping the Brahmarupini Devi as a virgin.

Kumari Puja has been practiced in Pragjyotish or Assam since long before it entered history. The Kumaris are considered omniscient. Therefore, the Kumari goddess should be worshiped with great devotion.

On the ninth day of Durga Puja in the autumn, young girls of any community, aged between six to ten years, maybe worshiped as Kumaris.

The Kumaris sit on seats like Peera, Tamuli Peera etc. and keep their legs on dishes placed before them and circles, triangles, quadrilaterals etc. are drawn in front of them and the objects of worship are placed on it. During this time, the goddess is worshiped with various Kamakhya mantras by offering various worship items, incense lamps, fragrant flowers, red colored garments, etc. compiled with input from literature references.

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By Anjan Deka

The writer is a Renown Photographer of Assam and also focus Travel related Issue

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