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A team of Assam State Commission for Protection of Child Rights visited the resident of 6 years old kid

A team of Assam State Commission for Protection of Child Rights headed by Smt Rupa Hazarika and Shri. Phanindra BujarBaruah, Members of ASCPCR along with the Technical Consultant on 23rd October 2021, visited the spot and the resident of 6 years old kid who was brutally killed by three of her friends.The purpose of the visit is to find out the root cause of the heartbreaking incident on 18th October 2021. The Commission interacted with the guardians of the victim, the locals who witnessed the incident, the District Child Protection Officer and the police officials who are handling
the case.

During the conversation, the commission came to know that children were habituated to porn videos. One of the children (11years old) forced the girl child to watch the videos which she denies and that leads to the horrific incident. The dead body of 6 years old child was recovered from the nearby Bajrang Stone Crusher Toilet by the local people.

The Commission met SDO civil and S.P, Nagaon district and took a detailed understanding of the incident. The Commission recommended investigating in depth if there was any elder person involved in the case. The Commission Recommended the Child Protection Officer, Nagaon to make arrangements for victim compensation as soon as possible. Recommend police department to spread awareness on foster care, child marriage and teenage pregnancy in the district.

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