• Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

N. F. Railway registers ever highest progress in Rail Renewal

With remarkable progress of 200 Track Kilometre of Rail Renewal works, Northeast Frontier Railway registered ever best progress in the history of NFR. The remarkable figures have been achieved executing renewal works in both Primary and Secondary categories only up to 1st November during this year.  The previous best has been 200.29 Track Kilometre in the whole year during 2020 – 21. This will enhance safety and will pave way for the increase in speed in train running.

Railway tracks are maintained and inspected at regular intervals to ensure that every section is fit for train operations. Railway tracks are replaced through track renewal works which is an ongoing process. Track renewal works are undertaken as and when a stretch of the track becomes due for renewal on the basis of criteria laid down in the Indian Railway Permanent Way Manual (IRPWM). Some of the criteria listed are- traffic carried in terms of gross million tonnes, the incidence of rail fracture/failure, wear of rails, corrosion of rails and maintainability of the track as per standards etc.

N. F. Railway is executing Track Renewal work with mechanized means using Quick Relaying System to improve the track structure and ensure safety of train running. The process for rail renewal is done duly taking line blocks and old rails are replaced with new rails along with fittings. On 26th October 2021 total 82 panels (935 RMT) of rail were replaced in four-hour block times in New Jalpaiguri – Malda Town section by utilising TLE (Track Laying Equipment) which is the highest achieved progress so far in this Railway. With this, train services in these sections now run at an enhanced speed.

Safety is paramount for Indian Railway. To keep train running safe, N. F. Railway is executing Track Renewal works utilizing Track Machines. The TLE machine is a set that comprises of two portal machines operated by trained operators of track machine organization. Currently, N. F. Railway is having three TLE machines, two nos. working in the Katihar division and one in the Alipurduar division.

The process of track renewal with the help of track machines save time and good quality work can be achieved in the least possible time with minimal effect of normal train movement. It also facilitates the increase in speed of train running as quality work can be achieved.

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