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In the memory of teacher Wahidul Islam Chowdhury on his seventh death anniversary

Seven years have passed and today is his seventh death anniversary. Dear teacher, as a parent, the one I met the most in my student life, he left us and moved to an unknown address for many years. Student life was in Latu High School and in that school he is my favorite teacher. In the meantime, preparation to celebrate Platinum Jubilee at Latu High School on the occasion of its 75th anniversary is ongoing in full swing, but l feel his absence . Today is his death anniversary. I thought that I got the shade of a banyan tree with great affection, rule and love, at least everyone should know that.

In my student life, I have always read only my favorite teacher’s composition. But after coming in contact with Sir, I realized that like everyone else, I have found one of the most beloved teachers, who can be respected all my life, whose ideals can lead a life, whose touch of love inspires me to do something good in the future.

Like many, I found a guardian among my favorite teachers. Oh, the names of those dear people have not been mentioned yet. He is Wahidul Islam Chowdhury. Our Wahidul Sir. That dear sir has left us in the eternal law of the world. But I still feel his absence all the time. Seven years have passed. Wahidul sir did not leave us in the country of return.

People die but the teacher also dies? I don’t think so. The person may die, but the teacher survives in the minds of his countless students, in the midst of action, in the midst of achievement, in the midst of success. Teacher is basically the guide of life, the beacon of the dark path. In that sense, sir, he was the light in darkness.

Some untimely deaths can easily make people speechless. That day was 14 November 2014. I couldn’t control myself when I got the news of Sir’s death in the morning. It was very difficult, because like many, I was a very dear student of Sir. I didn’t want to study very much. But the relationship between my father and Sir was very deep. It was also a big reason to care me – to rule by ear. He used to say by ear, look at the hard work of the father, do the study even if it is for the father. We got Sir at Latu High School as a true guardian in student life. I was admitted to Latu High School in class five in 1998 , but it was Sir himself who decided in which section of class five my name would be admitted. We have a poor family with little income. However, in terms of education, we did not feel the lack of three brothers, courtesy of Wahidul Sir’s Friends Library. After the decleration of results of t annual examination, he would send home whatever he needed for the whole year, including books, notebooks and pens. Not only in our case, his contribution in various aspects including improving the quality of education in the greater Latu area, FN Road Reform Society, Malegarh Suraksha Samiti is undeniable. However, we do not seem to be able to give him the respect he deserves. The sir is not among us today. Yes, sir’s memory, sir’s rule, sir’s education. As he was a teacher by profession, I saw him engaged in studies till the last day of his life. Wahidul Sir is a Role model for us today. A happy, beautiful and enlightened region will be established if we can nurture and observe the deeds that he has left behind.

He had a very humble, successful and attractive personality in his personal and domestic life as well. Stage-shaking speeches, debate competitions, performances of all the events organized by Latu High School, ‘Inaccessible Giri Kantar-Maru Dustar Parbara, Langhi Hate Ratri Nishithe Yatrira Hushiyar’ fluent poetry recitation, we will not have the luck to see them with our own eyes.

The day I received the news of Sir’s death, I still unknowingly got my eyes wet. A meeting was called at Latu High School to demand repair of Fakirabazar-Nilambazar road on the day of Sir’s departure. Wahidul Sir, Revered Malik Saheb and other eminent personalities were present in the meeting. Although I was out of the district for personal work, I did not have the good fortune to accompany Sir. At the end of the evening, some of the students rushed to me with the intention of publishing the news in the newspaper. At about eleven o’clock at night I suddenly saw Wahidul Sir’s phone. ‘Sudip, you sent them to me, but I am very busy. Can’t give time. I still have a lot of work to do. You help them a little, we have to accompany them. We have to fight for the demand of our road. That’s it. Suddenly in the morning I heard that my younger brother Sumit was talking to someone on the phone. Wahidul sir is not there. At first I couldn’t believe it, I felt like I was in a dream. The news of the death of the man I talked to on the phone before I woke up? After confirming the news of death with my mobile phone in my hand, I ran to Sir’s house. After that it was not possible to hold myself. As soon as it was morning, my dear teacher saw countless students, a crowd of admirers. In the afternoon, after the janaza prayers at the playground of Latu High School, Sir was buried at his ancestral home. Only a person who has lost a loved one can understand how painful it is to lose. I realized this on the day of Sir’s death.

Everything does not end with the death of a human being, but it begins to become a shining history and give new impetus to future generations. Even today, he is still remembered not only by me, but by many others like me.

At the end of school life, after a long time, a strange friendship was formed with Sir. Now I understand, Sir had many qualities. Sometimes he is a strict teacher, sometimes a loving guardian, sometimes a friend. An ideal teacher never dies. He sowed the seeds of immortality in the minds of the students through his honesty, skill, ability and morality.

Every life has to bear death and death is eternal. However, some deaths do not occur, only the body may be hidden. Sir’s untimely demise has just left the body. But his deeds, his education, his ideals will remain in the memory of his students scattered in different places at home and abroad. Wahidul Islam Chowdhury Our Wahidul Sir is one such person. Whom I am walking in the path of love, memory, remembrance, ideals, I will walk as his proud student. You will be fine on the other side, sir. There was humble respect.

(The article is solely the opinion of the author. The views expressed here are solely personal and not in any way connected to any organisation or any political party ).

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