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Kolkata’s very own Mohammedan will take on Railway FC in tomorrow’s Final

Mohammedan SC will face Railway FC in the final of Kolkata League tomorrow in Saltlake stadium. Today was the last preparation before the final match and  Team Mohammedan is confident enough to win the final.

Presently Andrey Alekseyevich Chernyshov has been appointed as the manager of I-League club Mohammedan Sporting.

Earlier he was a Russian football manager and former player. 

At the international level, Chernyshov was a member of the Soviet Union national youth team that won the 1990 UEFA European Under-21 Championship. He also represented the Commonwealth of Independent States at UEFA Euro 1992.

Andrey Chernyshov’s Quote about CFL Final

Q.1. Under your coaching, Mohammedan has reached the finals of two consecutive tournaments. At one point in the middle of the league there was a problem with the performance. Then back to great work and play great to reach the final. How is that possible? 

Ans : We reached the second final of the season thanks to the good work of the players, coaching staff, staff and club management.  We had difficulties when we had a very tight calendar, sometimes we had to play every other day.  In some matches, there was an ugly refereeing.  But we didn’t panic and knew the problem.  When we solved them, we again forced to show good results.

Q. 2. Tomorrow’s final is to be played after a long break of one month. But in the 3 practice match you saw your team. How ready is the team for the final?

Ans: The players rested and did a good job again.  I think they are ready to show a good game and achieve victory in tomorrow’s match.

Q.3. After many years, supporters have started dreaming of holding your hand. How optimistic you are about meeting those expectations.

Ans: I am very glad that we have such good fans, they give us incredible support. We want to please them with good results and beautiful play.

Already the officials announced that the players will be given an incentive of Rs 5 lakh by the club if they become champions tomorrow.

(Inputs from Pratyusha Mukherjee)

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