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Coast Guard Headquarters No. 8 (West Bengal) conducted a two days Regional Workshop on Maritime Search and Rescue on 25-26 Nov 21. Regional M-SAR workshop was inaugurated by Deputy Inspector General Pankaj Verma, Commander District Headquarters No. 8 (West Bengal). This platform provided by Indian Coast Guard extended opportunity to all the participating agencies like INMCC (ISRO), Airport Authority of India, INCOIS and MRCC (Mumbai) including Indian Coast Guard to amalgamate and share their part of experience in the Maritime SAR for the better understanding for each other’s responsibility in the complex Maritime SAR system.

The workshop aimed towards sharing the expertise of learned members selected to represent their specialised agencies, expert in the field of Maritime SAR by sharing the latest happenings in M-SAR at national and international level and refresh the knowledge and share experiences. The workshop also aimed at analysing maritime incidents/accidents and lessons learnt. Table top exercises was also part of workshop to give first experience to younger generation for better understanding the planning and execution part of SAR operations in coordination with sister agencies.

Apart from deliberating on various maritime safety issues and identifying areas of improvement of SAR services, op reviews were conducted to give enhanced ideas to the participants about the use of assets and coordination to be conducted in an attempt to make a successful plan to execute SAR operation.

The Regional SAR workshop culminated with the closing address by The Commander District No. 8 (West Bengal) Deputy Inspector General Pankaj Verma who emphasised on the need of better coordination and understanding between various agencies to provide effective Maritime SAR Services to Marine World. He urged all present to continue the coordinated approach in providing excellent SAR services in the Indian SRR to make our oceans safe.

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