• Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Microplastic Pollution is a global concern

The problem of microplastics has attained a monstrous role these days. It has been a great danger to the coastal ecosystems where they pose serious harmful effects on the water quality, corals, oysters, fishes, dolphins, crabs, planktons, and other benthic organisms. Microplastics are the product of Plastic Pollution. They are amply spread in the marine ecosystems and pose many harmful effects to marine biodiversity because they are carried away with rivers, streams, and floodwaters to marine water bodies. The fishes, whales, and other sea animals often eat plastics, considering them their food. Microplastics are chemical formulations. When ingested by sea animals, they suffer many health issues. They usually die either by consuming products of harmful compositions or simply out of suffocation. As far as microplastics are concerned, they remain suspended in the water because of their minimal size, which ultimately hinders the marine animals’ various life processes.

Recently Moharana Choudhury, Anu Sharma, Asma Pervez, Prachi Upadhyay and Joystu Dutta’s collaborative work as book chapter entitled “Growing Menace of Microplastics in and Around the Coastal Ecosystem” has been published, which has highlighted the harmful effects of microplastics on the marine ecosystem. The chapter highlights the spread of this menace across the globe and their harmful impacts on life in the marine ecosystem, problems related to the coastal regions, their implications on various forms of the living organism, and the challenges involved in tackling such a situation recommendations. With the increasing usage of plastic and poor management, plastic is becoming the leading cause of several environmental issues. Hence, it becomes essential to conduct similar studies to assess the ongoing environmental problems, including the one mentioned in this article. The team led by Environmentalist Moharana Choudhury carried out the work and then published it in Coastal Ecosystem as a chapter in the reputed publisher Springer international. Pieces of study like these are to make people aware of the environmental problems to contribute positively to the environment. Such works on various environmental issues are the necessity of the times. They bring many issues into the public domain and act as awareness through literature.

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