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Swarnim Vijay Parv’ celebrations at India Gate

The country celebrated the fervor of nationalism, democracy and un-daunting grit of Indian Armed Forces in 1971 Indo Pak war, through ‘Swarnim Vijay Parv’ celebrations at India Gate lawns, New Delhi. Swarnim Vijay Parv was a landmark event as it marks the commemorative decisive military victory of Indian Armed Forces in 1971 war resulting in liberation of Bangladesh from brutal Pakistani regime.

Various historians and defence specialists have written elaborating about the significance of this War, but this victory goes well beyond the bounds of military as it captures the collective essence of national spirit, honour and professionalism of the Armed Forces.

           The two days long event was organised by the Eastern Comd in the Eastern Theatre  pavilion in a chronologically organized thematically depicted storyline starting from the genesis of the conflict, the military operations in the Eastern Theatre during the War and finally culminating in the creation of an independent nation – ‘Bangladesh’. 

Special emphasis has been given to bring out the uniqueness and unheard stories of the War and events which led to this historic war. The display of the original artefacts like Gen AAK Niazi’s surrendered Merc Car, his original pistol, the original operational map and copy of Instrument of surrender collected from all across the country were the prime highlight and centre of attraction of the stall. These original artefacts portrayed the valor and courage with which the Indian troops fought the war and were a fantastic reminiscence of the war. Through a spectacular short five minute video 13 Day War has been displayed on a short audio visual smart screen. Four of the most spectacular operations in the Eastern Theatre have been reconstructed through dioramas. The models of Pt -76 tanks attacking in Pakistani Hilli area, MI-4 helicopters 3D models launching Heliborne Operation, life size models of paratroopers touching down during the famous Tangail para drop have their own tale of exceptional valor to narrate.

The Wall of Fame with the award of Param Vir Chakra to Lance Naik Albert Ekka, 31 Maha Vir Chakras and 156 Vir Chakras display the supreme sacrifice made by the Indian Armed forces in the war. The 13-day whirlwind campaign by Indian Armed forces had left the beleaguered Pakistani forces at the end of their tether resulting in their surrender to the Indian forces.  Surrender of 93,000 Pakistani personnel was the largest by any armed forces post World War II and was a real spectacle to watch. The Game Changers theme represented the meticulous planning, leadership, role of Mukti Bahini and unsung heroes in the background, however overall it was the Victory of Democracy over Dictatorship that actually led to the birth of a new nation.

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