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Dec 20, 2021 #BSF

(District – Nadia)

The bordering area of South Bengal Frontier, BSF was considered very sensitive for smuggling. Due to the continuous hard work and alertness of the troops, now a days smugglers have started getting scared in the name of smuggling. BSF has made it clear that smuggling will not be allowed under any circumstances. In this sequence, South Bengal Frontier seized 6 kg of silver ornaments on 19 December, 2021 in the border area of ​​Nadia district, West Bengal.

To stop smuggling, the BSF has also ordered its troops to attack with non-lethal weapons, which include tear gas unit, non-lethal weapons. In this sequence, the incident is of Border Out Post Gongra, 82 Battalion, in which the troops, showing your vigilance and seized 06 kg silver ornaments on the morning of December 20, 2021 at around 0505 am. In this incident, when 12 to 15 smugglers came near the International Boundary from India and Bangladesh, the troops ordered to stop them, but they ignored the words of the troops and kept on moving forward, on which the alert troops fired tear gas Bomb to stop the smuggling. The smugglers fled from the spot as soon as tear gas Bomb fired.

The seized jewelery was handed over to Custom Department Tehtta for further legal action.

The Public Relations Officer of the Border Security Force stated that the Border Security Force is taking strict steps to prevent smuggling along the India-Bangladesh border. Due to which Smugglers and his associates are facing lot of difficulties and some of them are getting apprehended who are also being punished according to the law. Further, the officer staed in strong words that the Border Security Force will not allow smuggling under any circumstances.

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