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For the first time in Eastern India, Apollo Multispecialty Hospitals Kolkata brings Power Spiral Enteroscopy to investigate and treat gastrointestinal tract diseases

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Dec 22, 2021

For the first time in Eastern India, the Gastro team led by Dr Mahesh Kumar Goenka at Apollo Multispeciality Hospitals brings Power Spiral Enteroscopy, the latest and safest process to investigate and treat gastrointestinal tract diseases. This motorised type of endoscope would ease the process of endoscopy of small intestine and can be inserted through oral route as well as through rectum. While being safe, it is also a very effective technique for management and detection of small bowel pathology.

On this note, Dr Surinder Singh Bhatia, DMS-Eastern Region, Apollo Hospitals Group, said, “Apollo Multispeciality Hospitals, Kolkata, continues to be the leader in bringing in new technologies and performing path-breaking procedures. Our committed clinicians, with the help of this state-of-the-art technology, would help many needing gastro interventions.”

Small intestine is a 20 feet long part of gastrointestinal tract which is site of common diseases like Tuberculosis, Crohn’s disease, Drug induced ulcers, Vascular malformation etc. Till 20 years back, it was inaccessible by endoscope. Capsule Endoscopy and Balloon assisted enteroscopy have been developed but have the disadvantage of difficult and tiring manoeuvrability.

In order to make the entire procedure easy for the patients and to aid doctors, Apollo Multispeciality Hospitals, Kolkata, has recently introduced Power Spiral Enteroscopy, a motorised type of endoscope equipped with a special motor. On this Dr Mahesh Kumar Goenka, Director, Institute of Gastrosciences and Liver, Apollo Multispeciality Hospitals, Kolkata said, “This technique of endoscopic evaluation of the small bowel allows inspection of this 20-ft long small intestine with the pressing of a foot paddle just like driving a car with steering, accelerator and a break. It not only aids in treating complex conditions in the small intestine but also improves diagnosis and patient outcomes for chronic and complex intestinal conditions.”

The PowerSpiral allows for fast and gentle access to reach deep into the gastrointestinal tract by pleating the small bowel onto the enteroscope using a spiral segment. This is achieved via an integrated motor, which rotates the single-use PowerSpiral cover tube that is equipped with soft spiral-shaped fins that gently follow the mucosa. The enhanced insertion speed, easy advancement, controlled withdrawal- and improved manoeuvrability can substantially reduce the overall procedure time and allow time for effective treatment. The motorized advancement, combined with the soft fins of the spiral segment, enables smooth, safe and deep insertion as well as excellent manoeuvrability, making it possible to see the entire intestinal lumen. All of these combined features make it easier to penetrate deep into the small bowel.

The gentle grip on the mucosa between the soft fins of the spiral segment enables precise positioning of the endoscope. The integrated water jet keeps the view clear throughout the process. Thanks to the conventional endoscope channel, PowerSpiral allows for efficient interventions with a broad range of endotherapeutic devices. Due to the improved overall manoeuvrability, lesions may be reached more quickly. The first study results demonstrated that procedure times with the PowerSpiral endoscope may be substantially reduced

Complete inspection of small intestine
Can be used for obtaining biopsy
Can treat small intestinal diseases
Power spiral can be used for taking biopsy, removing small tumors, dilating narrowing, removing foreign body and stopping bleeding. The entire process is not only complete but also very fast compared to earlier techniques and also safe because of its inherent safety devices.

The procedure is done under sedation and is therefore painfree.

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