• Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

BDU initiatives of NFR – A boon for North East

N. F. Railway has been successful in carrying produces of the Northeast to the bigger markets across the country to help local farmers, agro-producers and traders. Business Development Unit (BDU) formed in N. F. Railway has acted as a single window solution for freight business. The BDU teams have conducted a total 76 meetings and 25 Road Shows with customers, entrepreneurs, traders and farmers etc. throughout the divisions during this year. With the formation of BDUs in N. F. Railway, a 33.5% increase was recorded in freight loading in November, 2021 compared to last year.

Due to relentless efforts of Business Development Units (BDUs), few commodities could be diverted from roadways to railways. During the last month, efforts of BDU team of Katihar helped in diversion of maize traffic from roadways to railways. Due to sustained efforts of BDU teams, N. F. Railway fetched earning of more than Rs. 4.32 crore by loading commodities like stone & bamboo chips, cement, CP coke, raw betel nuts, black tea, cardamom, turmeric, tea seeds, orange etc. during November, 2021.

N. F. Railway has set up Business Development Units (BDUs) at all the Divisions i.e. Katihar, Alipurduar, Rangiya, Lumding and Tinsukia and also at Zonal Head Quarters level to increase the freight transportation volume. These BDUs are having frequent interactions with Trade & Industry players within their respective areas to find new traffic for movement by train. Proposal received from trade bodies or businessman are being promptly analysed and developed. Railways being a faster and cheaper mode of transport than the road ways, this will boost the local economy by making larger markets across the country. N. F. Railway has already improved the facilities and infrastructures at all the loading un-loading terminals by improving approach road, better lighting, rest rooms for labours, drinking water facilities etc. so that loading/unloading work can go on un-hindered and local economy continue to get the support.

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