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Dec 24, 2021 #BSF


On 23/24 December, 2021, Border Security Force seized 19,900 kg of onion leaves while thwarting the smuggling of onion leaves in the border area of ​​Nadia district.

On the morning of 23 December, alert troops of Border Out Post Govindpada 54 Battalion, saw some goods flowing on a banana boat coming from Bangladesh to India via the river. When the banana boat was seized, 205 sacks filled with onion leaves were found, weighing 8,200 kg. Seized onion leaves market value is around Rs 3.28 lakh. On the morning of 24 December, 130 sacks of leaves were also recovered, whose total weight is 11700 kg and the price is Rs 4,68,000. In the last one week, the Border Security Force has so far recovered 32.1 tonnes of leaves worth Rs 13.96 lakh in the same area.

The seized onion leaves were handed over to Majdia Custom Department for further action.

Continuing attempts to smuggle are not possible due to the vigilance of the BSFtroops.

In this regard, the Border Security Force stated that recently a lot of effort is being made to smuggle onion leaves from across the border, which our jawans are constantly stopping due to their vigilance.

Border Guard Bangladesh had given assurance to stop, yet onion leaves are coming continuously

In this regard, Public Relations Officer, South Bengal Frontier stated that BSF has contacted Border Guard Bangladesh at every level to stop smuggling and they have assured to do their best to stop it. However consignments of leaves are continuously coming from Bangladesh through the river.

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