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CAB Apex Council Meeting was held on today

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Dec 29, 2021 #CAB

It was unanimously approved that first and second division leagues will commence on and from 10 January. All the groups for both the leagues were approved too. In fact there’s going to be more groups this time because of the extraordinary circumstances we are going through.

The rules and regulations of the district One day tournament was also ratified. The tournament is already in progress, few of the matches are being played in Kolkata this time. We have given a lot of importance to the district cricket, the selectors have been asked to watch the games that happen here so that we can unearth more talents.

The Apex council has given the green signal to go ahead and execute the agreement with HIDCO for Dumurjola land so that we can create one of the most modern and state-of-the-art cricket facility there.

Among other decisions, the Arnab Nandi matter where it has been alleged that he has used unparliamentary language against a chief selector and also a member of the coaching staff. The matter was taken up very seriously and was referred to the ombudsman by Apex council for appropriate redressal.

There would be a thorough curator’s course, it will be conducted by CAB and will start from 30 December.

There would be Women’s tournament in line with Bengal T20 Challenge in the month of January, there would be six teams.

Usage of Gayeshpur cricket ground has been approved. It is a full sized cricket venue, in the vicinity of Kalyani. It will be used for first division, second division as well as district and women’s matches. It is a good addition of the already existing infrastructure of CAB.

There has been a talk with the vice-chancellor of Kalyani University for modernizing the indoor facility there and also for increasing the capacity of accomodation facility for the players. Also, talks for an additional ground there has been initiated.

There would be dormitory facility in the under gallery of the Cricket Association of Bengal for the players of the districts to avail the facility. Necessary steps would be taken to create that for at least of 50-100 players.

Recently the BCCI has decided that 50% of the match fees would be paid as compensation for both senior men and women cricketers for last yeat. Accordingly steps have been initiated so that the players get the compensation amount at the earliest.

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