• Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

Congress’ manipulative tendencies in creating unrest in society exposed : State BJP

BJP, Assam Pradesh Spokesperson Lakhya Konwar has alleged that the act by the Congress party in Punjab in undermining the PM’s security is shameful and highly condemnable.Coming down heavily on the Congress party,Konwar said that Narendra Modi is not only the Prime Minister of the country but also a very popular world leader.”The security of the Prime Minister is of paramount importance and cannot be compromised under any circumstances” Konwar said.

He said that Congress party’s manipulative tendencies in creating unrest in society has been exposed in this brazen act. Recalling the loss of 855 innocent lives during the Assam agitation with the Congress in power at that time, Konwar also attributed the death of five youths during the CAA protests at the instigation of the Congress party.

Pointing out at the irresponsible comment made by the APCC President Bhupen Bora on the security aspect of the PM’s visit in Punjab, BJP Assam Pradesh spokesperson Lakhya Konwar said that Bora should be aware of the role of the State Home Department and security protocols to be followed during a PMs visit as he was himself the Parliamentary Secretary home during the erstwhile Tarun Gogoi Government. While cautioning the Congress party to refrain from making such reckless acts in the future, Konwar said Congress had made attempts to undermine democracy in the country during their stint in power but the BJP is steadfastly committed to strengthening the edifice of democracy. He added that the people of the country is proud to have a Prime Minister of the stature of Narendra Modi.

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