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PM Narendra Modi will lunch 25th National Youth Festival on 12th January

25th National Youth Festival will be formally launched by PM Narendra Modi at 10.30a.m. on 12th January 2022 through video conference. Sh. Anurag Singh Thakur, Union Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports, Govt. of India and Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan, Lieutenant Governor, Puducherry will also grace the inaugural occasion. More than 1 crore youth and others will witness the occasion through Webcast, Doordarshan and live streaming on other platforms.

National Youth Festival: A Brief Backgrounder:

Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports has been celebrating National Youth Festival every year from 12th to 16th January. 12th January being the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, is observed as National Youth Day.

Since 1995, the Department of Youth Affairs has organized 24 National Youth Festivals in partnership with one host State.  Prime Minister addressed the youth of National Youth Festivals held at Greater Noida and Lucknow, through video-conferencing on 12th January 2018 & 2020, respectively.


The objective is to bring the youth of the country together to showcase their talents; provide them an arena, by creating a mini-India, where youth interact in formal and informal settings and exchange their social and cultural uniqueness. It is also to promote National Integration, the spirit of communal harmony, brotherhood, courage and adventure. The basic aim is to propagate the spirit, essence and concept of Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat with the partnership of youth and the masses of India.

25th National Youth Festival

 The 25th National Youth Festival was scheduled at Puducherry in physical form however, due to COVID Pandemic, it was not possible to organize the programme in physical form. In view of this, after several rounds of discussions with different State Governments and Union Territories, it was decided to host the 25th National Youth Festival 2022 in a virtual mode. Therefore, the 25th National Youth Festival is being celebrated through the digital mode from 12th January 2022 to 13th January 2022. ‘

Activities Details during 25th National Youth Festival:

Subsequent to the inaugural programme, on 12th and 13th January 2022, in order to make National Youth Festival more attractive and youth full, new activities such as an academic sessions on important topics such as Environment/Climate Change, SDG led Growth, Entrepreneurship and Innovation will be organized in which selected youth from various parts of the counter will participate. Besides, there will also be discussion on hybrid mode on issues such as Indigenous and Ancient Wisdom, National Character, Nation Building and Home Grown.

There will also be a recorded video capsule of Puducherry and Immersive City Experience, Interactive Yoga Session, and on Indigenous Sports and Games and Folk Dances. The sessions with OLYMPIANS and PARALYMPICS IN INDIA will reveal their strategy for better performance.  Live musical performance by renowned artist will provide enthralling musical evening. These topics on wide ranging issues of social, national and international concerns on which participating youth would listen viewpoints of experts and also express their views. Listening and inclusion of these point of views in our policy documents would help in creating Young New India.

Generally, in a National Youth Festival maximum of 6,000-7000 youth used to participate, whereas this year’s 25th National Youth Festival 2022, about 1 crore youth across the country will participate in this National Youth Festival.

 Buzz Creation for 25th National Youth Festival through Virtual Mode:

 25th edition of National Youth Festival is being organized in virtual mode by harnessing the power of technology and social media, thus will ensure participation from a large numbers of youth and others. To give wider publicity, coverage, outreach and create buzz of National Youth Festival, 2022 social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter You tube and Instagram are being utilized extensively. Based on past experience, it is expected that more than One Crore youth and citizens would watch the events on 12th and 13th January 2022.

NYKS Strategy for conducting National Youth Day:

NYKS being one of the main stakeholders of the National Youth Festival is mobilizing and encouraging large number of youth and others to witness the event and disseminate and amplify the message among their families, friends and peer group and acquaintances. Coinciding the occasion, all 623 District NYKs are organizing National Youth Day Programme across the country along with simultaneous programmes at Block HQs and villages also. To further expand the programme coverage and outreach, National Youth Volunteers(NYVs) along with selected 10 Youth Clubs have been given responsibility to conduct similar programms at Block/ small towns and in villages.  On 12th January, 2022 i.e. National Youth Day special focus is being given to Traditional sports like Kabaddi, Kho-kho and Kushti.

Besides, Youth Clubs/Mahila Mandals and Self-help Groups in the villages and beneficiaries of NYKS run Vocational Centre’s are also being motivated and encouraged to attend the programme.

Further, during the week long duration, programmes/activities such as Culture Day, Participation Day, Social Service Day, Physical Fitness Day, Youth for peace Day, Skill Development Day and Awareness Day will be undertaken for issue based awareness. 

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