• Sat. Jun 25th, 2022


(District-North 24 Parganas)

The standoff on international trade between India and Bangladesh at ICP Petrapole for the last two days ended today. Finally, on January 19, 2022, the Bangaon Goods Transporters Association withdrew its strike at around 0900 hrs. The Land Port Authority of India verbally assured BSF that they would issue I/D cards to the transporters in the next 04 days. As a result, import trucks parked inside the cargo complex have started unloading the goods in Indian empty trucks. The imports started at around 0930 am and the exports also started an hour later at around 1037 am.

Brief about the matter

Factually, on16-17 January, 2022, BSF took a major action at ICP Petrapole to expose the truck drivers who are involved in smuggling of various goods under the guise of movement of goods of export and import. In a surprise check on ICP Petrapole, BSF had seized fake driving licenses from 82 truck drivers during the last two days. After which the BSF had banned the import-export trucks from coming to the ICP without checking the authenticity of the license.

The BSF handed over a total of 82 fake driving licenses seized in two days to the Customs Department. Here, after the seizure of fake driving licenses for such a large number of truck drivers, there has been a disruption in the import-export trade from ICP- Petrapole. ICP – Petrapole is such checkpost, from where 70% trade between India and Bangladesh takes place. Also there is lot of movement of people. Today on 18-19 January, 2022 also total 8 fake driving license drivers have been caught, thus till now total 90 fake driving licenses have been caught by BSF. On behalf of BSF, an FIR is being registered in the Police regarding fake driving license.

BSF will not allow driver with fake driving license to go to Bangladesh at any cost

At the same time, a BSF South Bengal Frontier official stated that the concerned officials of the Indian Customs Department and the Land Port Authority of India have been informed that the BSF cannot allow trucks whose drivers are found to have fake licenses. BSF has informed to all stakeholders that Standing Operating Procedure shall be implimented in letter and spirit. No person/agent shall be allowed to enter inside the premises of the ICP unless found in the possession of identity cards issued by LPAI.

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