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ByNE India Broadcast

Jan 20, 2022

(District-North 24 Parganas)

In recent times, BSF is working from every angle to root out smuggling activities along the India-Bangladesh International Border. BSF troops are carrying out the duty with best of their Intelligence capabilities and high morale level. These areas on the India-Bangladesh International Border have been considered as strongholds for smugglers. Big smugglers have a good hold in these areas. Smugglers make every effort to smuggle contraband items, but now BSF has also made its intention clear that smuggling will not be possible under any circumstances.

Today, on 19 January, 2022 South Bengal Frontier conducted surprise checking of the driving licenses of 390 truck drivers engaged in export and import at ICP Ghojadanga from 0930 hrs to 1530 hrs. During the search operation, fake licenses have been found from 76 heavy vehicle drivers and 22 such drivers were found who were driving heavy vehicles on the license of light vehicles and doing import-export duties. The driving license of all these 98 drivers has been kept at the Border Out Post Ghojadanga and their car pass have been handed over to the Customs office Ghojadanga. BSF would be lodging FIR against the defaulted in the local Police Station. Simultaneously, driving licenses have also been checked at Mohadipur, LCS (Land Customs Station) in the border of district Malda, in which 01 fake license has been found and 03 such drivers were found who were driving heavy vehicles on the license of light vehicle and doing import-export. The FIR has been lodged to Police Station English Bazar, Malda for verification of all these licenses.

Recently on January 16 and January 17, 2022, BSF did a surprise check on the authenticity of the driving license of drivers engaged in export and import at ICP-Petrapole, in which BSF got fake driving licenses from 90 drivers, which were seized by BSF. Due to which the movement on ICP Petrapole was disrupted. However, today (January 19, 2022) business has resumed on the assurance of a new Identity Card. Matter is being referred to the police Station Petrapole to lodge the FIR against the defaulters.

The Public Relations Officer, South Bengal Frontier clearly stated that a driver with a fake driving license cannot be allowed to go to Bangladesh at any cost as such drivers obtain a pass from the Customs Department on the basis of a fake driving license, the compulsion on which BSF allows trucks to go inside Bangladesh. He further stated that they will not allow any kind of smuggling in their areas.

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