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ByNE India Broadcast

Jan 23, 2022

(District – North 24 Parganas)

On 22 January 2022, alert troops of Border Out Post Panchberia, 107 battalion apprehended 04 Indian National and 06 Bangladeshi nationals while thwarting a major infiltration attempt in the bordering area of ​​District North 24 Parganas, West Bengal.

On January 22, 2022, on the basis of intelligence, a special ambush was laid by the troops of the Border Out Post Panchberia near the International boundary and at about 0200 in the morning, the troops saw the movement of suspicious persons from the Bangladesh side, which was illegally crossing the International Boundary. On this the troops immediately apprehended all of them.
Identification of the apprehended persons:-
(i) Swapna Kumar Roy S/o Vimal Indu Roy, age – 56 years, Village – Guptomari, Post – Married, Thana – Nautia Ghata, District – Khulna, Bangladesh.
(ii) Nishar Shaikh, age – 32 years S/o Nazim Shaikh, village – Patisari, Post – Jameel Dagan, Thana – Kalia, District – Narail, Bangladesh.
(iii) Shisumala Roy, W/o Late Amar Roy, Village – Kamalapur, Post – Wajidpur, Thana – Rajor, Distt. – Madaripur, Bangladesh.
(iv) Kumari Maya Roy (Age – 17 years), D/o Late Kachan Tarafdar, Village – Barisal, Post – Wajidpur, Thana – Rajor, District – Madaripur, Bangladesh.
(v) Khadi Jabego (Age – 22 Years)
D/o Late Amar Roy, Village – Kamalapur, Post – Wajidpur, Thana – Rajor, District – Madaripur, Bangladesh.
(vi) Khadija Begum (Age – 18 years)
D/o Late Amar Roy, Village – Suhagi, Post – Khusipara, Thana – Isarganj, District – Mymensing, Bangladesh.
(vii) Shaikh Hasan (Age – 27 years)
S/o Shaikh Abdullah, Village – Magalampur, Post – Chirkona, District – Bardhaman, West Bengal.
(viii) Rabia Sedi (Age – 30 years) w/o Hasan, Village – Mangalampur, Post – Chirkona, Distt. – Bardhaman, West Bengal.
(ix) Saheb Ali Shaikh, (Age – 40 years), s/o Sadiq Shaikh, Village – Mira Road, Post – Lodhi Complex, Thana + District – Thane, India.
(x) Asma Ghazi, (Age – 30 years)
W/o Amir Ghazi, Village – Foot Path, Thana – Bharud, District – Surat, Gujarat.

Swapna Kumar Roy revealed that he came to India in 2011 and was working in Sagar Rural Hospital and got married in 2012 in Vardhaman. Nisher Shaikh revealed that he has been living in Maharashtra since childhood and was working as a mason there. He went back to Bangladesh in 2018. He had given 17,000 BD Taka to a Bangladeshi broker named Akash to come back to India. Shishumala Roy revealed that her son whose name is Anupam Das lives in Tehta, District – Nadia and she was going to meet him, for this she had given 15000 rupees to Abhijeet, a broker of Boyra. He was accompanied by his granddaughter Maya Roy. Khadija Begum revealed that she used to work in homes in Dhaka and she was coming to India in search of a work, a broker named Raju living in Kolkata was helping her in this, Along with her, her friend Khidijia Biwi was also coming to India in search of work. Shaikh Hasan revealed that he had gone to Bangladesh in April 2021 to meet his ailing grandmother and his wife Rabia Siddiqui. His wife did not have a passport, so he had given 17000 taka to a broker to come to India. Saheb Ali Shaikh revealed that he has been living with his parents in Maharashtra since childhood and there he is working as a mason. He had gone to visit his relatives in Bangladesh and was coming back to India today along with another Bangladeshi woman Asma Ghazi was also coming to India in search of work.

All the apprehended infiltrators have been handed over to Bagda Police Station for further legal proceedings.

The Public Relations Officer, South Bengal Frontier stated that the Border Security Force is taking strict steps to stop the incidents of illegal movement along the Indo-Bangladesh border and he clearly stated that in any case, they will not allow illegal movement along the International Boundary in their area.

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