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Jan 29, 2022


On 27th January, 2022 under South Bengal Frontier, free medical camp and civic action program was organized in the area of Border Out Post Gede, 54th Battalion. The program was organized in the presence of Mr. T. E. Einstein, Chief Medical Officer and Dr. Maneka Bharti. In this medical camp, about 164 people from the Border Post Gede and its surrounding villages were given free medicines after medical examination. Dr. Iqbal Singh also told the people important things about cleanliness and avoidance of corona through this camp.

Apart from this, sports material, educational material, and other essential items were also distributed to the people in civic action. A lot of enthusiasm was seen in the villagers towards this program and the people’s representatives expressed their heartfelt gratitude for this work of the Border Security Force and requested that such programs should be organized from time to time in future. So that there is good coordination between the border residents and the Border Security Force.

Public Relations Officer, South Bengal Frontier stated that the main objective of organizing this event is to inculcate trust, cooperation and mutual synergy in the hearts of the border people towards the Border Security Force which is essential for ensuring national security.

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