• Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

Aaranyak CEO guides Dhemaji youths to save injured Barn Owl

Two youths from Dhemaji have shown exemplary passion and love for wildlife, when they made an all-out effort to save the life of an injured and weak Barn Owl that they had found in their neighbourhood on the night of February 1.

As they were clueless on how to go about of saving the life of the injured bird found that night, one of the youths, Bidyut Bikash Dutta called up the Secretary-General and the CEO of Aaranyak (www.aaranyak.org), Dr Bibhab Kumar Talukdar here and described the condition of the injured bird and sought advice on how to save it given that the local veterinary hospital would open only next day morning.

Realising the desperation of the youth to save the life of the injured creature, Dr. Talukdar gave him some tips on keeping the bird safe at his place for the night before it could be taken to the a veterinary clinic the next morning.

The next morning, Bidyut and the other youth Nillyot Jyoti Dutta took the injured Barn Owl to a veterinary hospital at Dhemaji and the doctor there treated the bird. The bird got injured because some miscreants had tried to trap it a few days ago.

Bidyut and Nillyot then handed over the bird to the forest office at Dhemaji for rehabilitation. Subsequently, Bidyut requested the CEO of Aaranyak to contact a senior forest officer in Dhemaji so that the bird is taken care of well and released in the natural environment once again.

Looking at efforts of these two unsung heroes, Bidyut and Nillyot, to save the injured Barn Owl, the CEO of Aaranyak Dr Talukdar communicated with the DFO of Dhemaji, Mr Rohini Das and informed him about the injured Barn Owl and efforts of Bidyut along with Nillyot to save the bird and requested the DFO to look into the matter as the bird has been handed over to forest office bythe rescuers after treatment at veterinary hospital.

DFO too showed interest to take care of the bird and Dr. Talukdar had asked the DFO to encourage the duo for their valiant efforts to save the life of the bird.

A senior scientist of Aaranyak, Dr Talukdar who has been involved in research and conservation of wildlife for more than three decades said, “We need to encourage these budding youths having affection for nature and wildlife and a passion towards safeguarding our wildlife heritage.” “They expected nothing for their effort, but just wanted to ensure that all efforts from all quarters -from the Veterinary doctor, forest staff — to help the injured Barn Owl to fly and enjoy the freedom once again,” Dr Talukdar said adding Aaranyak salutes Bidyut Bikash Dutta and Nillyot Jyoti Dutta of Dhemaji for their sincere efforts. Likewise, Aaranyak thanks the authorities for their proactive response to the youth’s efforts to save the life of the bird.

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