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ByNE India Broadcast

Feb 19, 2022

(District – Nadia)

On February 18, 2022, at around 2130 hrs, the Border Security Force troops seized 36 kg of human hairs, thwarting the smuggling attempt.

The incident is from the border area of ​​Nadia district, in which the troops of Border Out Post Hridaypur, 82 Battalion, acting on the basis of specific information, seized five sacks full of human hairs whose total weight was found to be 36 kg.

The seized items were handed over to the Customs’ Office Tehatta for further legal action.

The Public Relations Officer of the South Bengal Frontier stated in his statement that the BSF had busted a hair-related gang in the last year 2021, in which it was revealed that these hairs, which are smuggled into Bangladesh, have to undergo various types of cleaning process. After that, it is exported to a total of 26 countries like China, UAE, Malaysia etc., out of which the maximum export is done to China. For this work, the BSF had exposed many hair processing companies established in the border districts of Bangladesh like Chuvadanga, Kustia, Memansingh etc.
These hairs are used to make wigs and in beauty products. Used to make short hairs male wigs and long hairs female wigs. Due to the low demand for hair wigs in India and the easy availability of raw hair, buying hair at cheap prices and selling it at expensive prices is also the reason behind increasing the trend of smugglers.

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