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IIT Guwahati inaugurates 26th edition of its cultural festival Alcheringa

After two years, next to the silver jubilee (Realm of Euphoria) of Alcheringa, the annual cultural fest of IIT Guwahati has set its journey into a new era, in short, the 26th edition of Alcheringa “Voyage to Neoterra” set to happen from 11th to 13th March and was started elegantly with the inauguration ceremony followed by the classical night of Alcheringa – Saaz. With the ensemble of musicians, Takahiro Arai and Zuheeb Khan, the incredible Carnatic artists, Vikku Vinayakram and three generations. Saaz is one of the most prime events, and being a classical music night meant to leave everyone watching in silence sitting beautifully with Indian classical music.

Keeping in mind the COVID outbreak, the 26th edition of Alcheringa is exclusively for campus residents. Started with the inauguration ceremony, where the Director of IIT Guwahati, Prof. Dr T. G. Sitharam, along with the chief guest of the night, Director of National Institue of Pharmaceutical Education and Research Dr USN Murty, the Dean of Student’s Affairs, Dr V Venkata Dasu and the Chairman of Cultural Board Dr Ashwini Sharma of IIT Guwahati presence added vibrance to the Day ‘0’ of Alcher.

The chief guest of the classical night, the Director, Dean of Student’s Affairs and Cultural Board Chairman of IIT Guwahati had set a start to the Day ‘0’ with a Light Lamping Ceremony. 

Being the one who thinks and acts for the well-being of the students, faculty and staff of the campus in whole the campus resident Prof. Dr T. G. Sitharam addressed a few paramount points. Firstly, the Director expressed his joy after seeing many people in the Dr Bhupen Hazarika Auditorium. Secondly, he quoted that the administration took a bold decision to call back all the students and commence offline functioning from the 21st of this month. Thirdly he congratulated the whole student gymkhana, the backbone for organising the 3days 2nights festival. Lastly, he ended his words by saying that “I will not come between you (audience) and your programme (Sazz)”.

And in next to the Director of IIT Guwahati, Dr USN Murty, the Director of NIPER, conveyed a strong point that “Inner beauty is more precious and important than outer beauty” and stated proudly that the Nation we are in is the origin of the various fine arts that are constantly evolving.

Dean of Student’s Affairs Dr V Venkata Dasu, the Chairman of Cultural Board Dr Ashwini Sharma, The Vice – President of Student’s Gymkhana Council of IIT Guwahati, Sai Sumanth and lastly, The Convener of Alcheringa 2022 Aryan Singh Yadav also shared their words which inspired and enlightened the crowd.

After the inauguration ceremony with no delay anymore, Takahiro, the Santoor Player, accompanied by Zuheb with the Tabla, was presented before the crowd, mesmerising them by their performance.

And finally arrived the talented percussionist Vikku Vinayakram and his son and grandson and made the audience only shout a single word, “WOW”.

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