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Mar 25, 2022

(District-North 24 Parganas)

On March 21, 2022, the troops of the Border Out Post of Ram Chandra Pur, 107 Battalion apprehended Suman Mandal of Choraigachi village with 10 gold biscuits and handed them over to the Customs’ Department. In this connection on March 25, 2022, BSF recovered 10 more Gold biscuits from the smuggler’s farm during a long and intensive search operation.

Smuggler lied in front of the Customs, tried to defame BSF.

When Suman Mandal was interrogated by BSF, he admitted that he had brought only 10 Gold biscuits from Bangladesh, but in front of the Customs Department he revealed that he had brought 20 Gold biscuits and BSF had kept 10 biscuits with them and remaining 10 biscuits along with the smuggler handed over to the Customs’. In this regard when the Customs Department sought confirmation from BSF, it was shocking because the smuggler was making serious allegations of hiding 10 Gold biscuits directly.
BSF conducted a special search operation in the field of the apprehended smuggler Suman Mandal (which is near the International Boundary) after collecting information in this regard from reliable sources of its Intelligence report. In a long and through search search operation where 10 biscuits were recovered on 21.3.22, the goods (10 gold biscuits) BSF recovered 10 more Gold biscuits from the farm of smuggler Suman Mandal. Suman Mandal had wrapped these biscuits in a cloth and hidden it near the irrigation motor shade.

Smuggler Suman Mandal drank acid, tried to commit suicide due to fear of fellow smugglers.

According to information received from known sources of BSF on March 24, 2022, at about 11 am when Suman Mandal got bail from the Court. As soon as he came out of the Court his fellow smugglers took him with them to an unknown place, where he was beaten up. Due to fear of being beating, he tried to commit suicide by consuming acid. He was later admitted in the Bangaon Government Hospital where his condition is stated to be critical.
BSF discussed the issue with the villagers and stated them how a criminal element was trying to malign the image of the Border Security Force by making baseless allegations for his own benefit. The Border Security Force officer urged the villagers that if they get any information about any criminal element it should be shared with Border Security Force so that appropriate action can be taken on it in time. Further the officer exhorted upon the villagers with the appeal to inform the BSF in case they have any information about the criminal as well as crime. On this request of BSF all the villagers assured that they will take care of all these things in future and also they said that the Border Security Force is doing its work with full honesty in the interest of the country and our interest.

In the search operation, 10 gold biscuits weighing 1166.460 grams, worth Rs 62,51,059 in the International market, have been handed over to the Customs Department, Bangaon.

Shri Sunil Kumar, Commanding Officer of 107 Battalion stated that Border Security Force is doing its duty with utmost sincerity due to which criminals are frustrated and they are trying to malign the image of Border Security Force by leveling false and unfounded allegations. He further added in strong words that we will not allow smuggling from our area any circumstances.

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