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Apr 2, 2022

Sale of scrap items are being undertaken in all divisions of N.F. Railway as per the “Zero Scrap Mission” of Indian Railways. To make the mission a success, Northeast Frontier Railway ensured that each Division, Workshop and Sheds are free from scrap material.

          During the last financial year (up to 31st March 2022), Northeast Frontier Railway has generated 23524 MTs of Scrap Rails, P-Way materials and depot scrap. In addition to this, condemned rolling stock which includes 70 wagons, 34 coaches and 32 Diesel locomotives were also sold during the financial year.

          Up to 31st March 2022, Northeast Frontier Railway have sold Rs 155.78 Cr worth scrap Rails, P-Way material, condemned coaches, wagons and locomotives; which is higher corresponding to last year sale value of Rs. 94.66 Cr. Thus recording an increase of 64.56 % in respect to the last year. It can be mentioned here that, N.F. Railway has also surpassed the target for the year set by the Railway Board by earning 24.62 % more. The scrap sale earnings is the highest in last 12 years.

            The zero scrap Mission drive has not only generated revenue for Indian Railways but will also create the space for accumulating other material including scrap. Under this mission, continuous monitoring is ensured to keep the stations, depots, sheds, workshops & sections scrap free. This monitoring has not only helped in surpassing the scrap sale target but also improved the aesthetics of stations, workplaces & surrounding areas. It has also helped to keep the railway premises clean and environment friendly.

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