• Sat. May 21st, 2022

Buragohain dangoriyas played a significant role in strengthening the foundation of Ahom dynasty: Himanta Biswa Sarma

Chief Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma said that the Buragohain dangoriyas, who were the senior most ministers during Ahom rule played a very significant role in strengthening the foundation of Ahom dynasty. The wise and duty-bound Buragohain dangoriyas left indelible mark in the administration, social system and economic sphere of the Ahom rule. The Chief Minister said this while speaking at the 139th session of ‘Sodou Buragohain Bongkhawali’ at Sadiya in Tinsukia district on Sunday.

The Chief Minister said that during the 600 years long Ahom regime, the role played by the Buragohain dangoriyas in solving all external and internal problems fortified the foundation of Ahom rule. With patience, courage, tolerance and liberal outlook, they made unprecedented contribution which would always be remembered by the people of Assam. Dr.  Sarma said that the Assamese people are always proud of the Buragohain dangoriyas who have left lasting imprint in the socio-political life of Assam with their diligence and political prudence.

Chief Minister Dr. Sarma said that in 1253 AD, Swargadeo Chaolung Siu-Ka-Pha established his capital at Charaideo and built a permanent foundation of the Ahom administration by creating the designations of Buragohain and Borgohian. From that time onwards, the Buragohains who were appointed as the senior most ministers during 600-year-old Ahom administration played a historic role with dedication and responsibility for their motherland.

Stating that apart from ministerial positions, the Buragohains were appointed on different other posts also, Dr. Sarma said that with their sense of duty and ingenuity, they immensely contributed to the security of the state and gave special impetus to socio-economic activities.

Keeping alive the rich heritage of their ancestors and following their ideals, Chief Minister Dr. Sarma urged the descendants of Buragohain dangoriyas to dedicate themselves more enthusiastically to the service of the country. He also expressed hope that in the coming days, the Buragohain descendants, with their committed endeavours will play a crucial role in realizing the steps taken by the state government.

Chief Minister Sarma also announced that the demands of the memorandum submitted by the ‘Sadou Buragohain Bongkhawali’ in the meeting would be considered in a positive light. Besides, the government would allot a piece of land at Sadiya for construction of office of the ‘Sadou Buragohain Bongkhawali’.

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