• Sat. May 21st, 2022

Meeting of State Executive Committee (SEC), Mizoram State Skill Development & Entrepreneurship Mission (MzSSDEM)

The first meeting of the State Executive Committee (SEC) of the Mizoram State Skill Development & Entrepreneurship Mission (MzSSDEM) chaired by Shri Lalramsanga Sailo, Secretary, Labour,Employment,Skill development & Entrepreneurship ( LESDE) Department was held yesterday at SAD Conference Hall, MINECO. Officials from 14 stakeholder Departments, industry representatives, University officials and Training Providers attended the meeting.

Outlining the importance of skill development Lalramsanga Sailo remarked that convergence of various skill training programmes need to be looked at from wider perspective taking into account various factors. He further remarked that for skill development to gather momentum in the state, the various stakeholders from government, industry and academia need to work together.

Lalmuanawma, Deputy Director, LESDE Department briefed the meeting on various aspects of National Skill Development Mission including the roles and responsibilities of Mizoram Skill Development Mission via a power point presentation.

The meeting also discussed the findings of the baseline survey on various skill development programmes conducted by the LESDE Department. A demonstration of the Mizoram Skill Mission Portal developed by LESDE Department and Mizoram State e-Governance Society (MSeGS) was also given. Officials from 14 Departments also presented the various skill development initiatives being undertaken by them.

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