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As a little girl growing up in Shillong, my only memory of Bihu was the Bihu dance performed in the place near Naam Ghar near St Peter’s. It was usually in the evening that we would go out before the Bihu dance and the other programs started. Our goal was to get the front seat to get a better view. It was fun to see women clad in red blouses and muga silk mekhla chaddar wrapped tightly around their bodies and waist perform the Bihu dance. Hair neatly done and tied in the back knotted into a bun. They were wearing red lipstick and perfect makeup. I always dreamt of learning the Bihu Dance one day. I always was fascinated by how they moved their hips.

After moving to the US in 1992, being busy with jobs and raising kids, I did not have much time to participate in the Bihu festivities in and around different cities in the USA. Also, belonging to an orthodox Muslim family, another culture was ignored and not part of my life. But in the year 2019, I had the opportunity to be part of a Bihu celebration in Michigan. Again, very well organized, and there were singers and dancers from the USA and Canada.

I personally love Mekhlla Chaddar and have a few different colors and prints. But, somehow, I find red the most attractive and romantic. The Bihu dance, too, is a time when males and females interact with each other in the form of Bihu Dance. It is the first time in thirty years that I will be spending Bihu in Guwahati, and I am excited.

I am wishing all of reading this a Very Happy Bihu. May you be blessed with peace of mind and everything good for you.

(The article is solely the opinion of the author. The views expressed here are solely personal and not in any way connected to any organisation or any political party ).

By Shamim Ara

Writer who was a teacher and co-founder of a Book Publishing Company in the USA. She also focus on social work, writing and traveling, and inspiring people, especially women.

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