• Mon. May 27th, 2024

How Bengalis celebrate “Nobo Borsho” across the districts of Assam is tell-tale!

It is the Bengali New Year today, that marks yet another beginning of the traditional calender. The celebration of the occasion with festivity and fervour is reflective of the cultural hegemony among the people across the districts in Assam.

The Bengalis offer prayer to the Almighty for all good of their respective families and society at large. Special offerings are made to the Lord in the morning for the same.

Assam has thirty five districts, of which several of them have a Bengali majority population. The young students pray that the upcoming year be of academic excellence, and the elder ones wish for health and wealth for the family.

“সমূহ অসমবাসী ৰাইজলৈ অসমীয়া নৱবৰ্ষ আৰু ৰঙালী বিহুৰ হিয়াভৰা ওলগ যাচিলো। ৰঙালীৰ ৰঙেৰে ভৰি পৰক সকলোৰে জীৱন,আগন্তুক দিনবোৰ হৈ পৰক ৰঙালীৰ দৰেই ৰঙীণ, সুখ শান্তিৰে পৰিপূৰ্ণ”, reads a Bihu greetings by BJP Assam, in Assamese, today morning.

It adds, “সমগ্ৰ পৃথিৱীৰ বুকুত জিলিকি উঠক আমাৰ অসমী,তাৰেই আন্তৰিক কামনাৰে ৰাইজৰ আশীৰ্বাদ বিচাৰি শ্ৰদ্ধা নিবেদন কৰিছোঁ।”

“হেঁপাহৰ ৰঙালী বিহু আৰু অসমীয়া নৱবৰ্ষৰ হিয়াভৰা শুভেচ্ছা জ্ঞাপন কৰিছোঁ। ৰঙালী বিহুৰ প্ৰতিটো ক্ষণেই অসমীয়া জাতিৰ সাতামপুৰুষীয়া শান্তি-সম্প্ৰীতি আৰু ভাতৃত্ববোধৰ এনাজৰীডাল আৰু অধিক টনকিয়াল কৰি তোলক।”, reads a tweet by Assam Congress yesterday.

It may be mentioned that, Bengalis in Assam have always celebrated Bihu with dedicated spirit and momentum. Hereby, Team NE India Broadcast also extends greetings to its readers and viewers on the occasion of Rongali or Bohag Bihu.

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