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Special Session of Mizoram Legislative Assembly convened to mark 50 years of Mizoram Legislative Assembly

The Governor of Mizoram, Dr. Haribabu Kambhampati presided over a Special Session of the 8th Mizoram Legislative Assembly which was convened today to mark the Golden Jubilee Celebration of Mizoram Legislative Assembly. The special proceeding was conducted and chaired by Speaker of Mizoram Legislative Assembly Pu Lalrinliana Sailo. Speaker of Assam Legislative Assembly Shri Biswajit Daimary also graced the occasion as an invitee. Three former Speakers of the Assembly which included the Speaker first Assembly and former Legislators, including two former Members of the First Legislative Assembly, also graced the historic occasion.

Addressing the House the Governor remarked that the legislature is often called the ‘temple of democracy and said that the Legislative Assembly is the embodiment of the aspirations and the ultimate will of the people of the State. He further said that elected representatives debate and discuss policies, formulating laws, which are the foundation for a civilized society. Speaking about the Vice President’s address to the Assembly two months back, he said it was heartening to note that the Vice President congratulated the Members for setting a high benchmark that other state legislatures and even the Parliament can emulate in matters of graceful conduct of Assembly proceedings.

Remarking that the enduring success of the historic Peace Accord of 1986 is a testament to the will of the people of this State, the Governor said that the Peace Accord facilitated the integration of Mizoram into the Union of India, and set the tone for productive co-existence and co-operation with the rest of the country. It became a catalyst for positive change towards the path of development, he further added. He commended the state for successfully holding a number of elections under a peaceful atmosphere, with the enthusiastic participation of the people and said that Mizoram has had a long history of healthy electoral politics and strong democratic values.

The Governor acknowledged the immense contribution of the civil society, the NGOs, and the religious bodies toward making Mizoram known as one of the most peaceful states in the country.

Praising Mizoram’s achievements in certain areas, such as literacy, sports, and a few health indicators such as mortality rates he said despite our best efforts, we still have massive untapped potential in many areas and shared a few areas where collective efforts were needed. He stressed on the need to prioritise power generation given the state’s huge potential in hydroelectricity. Commending the Government for various actions taken, he urged for health infrastructure to be continuously upgraded for the benefit of the people. Appreciating the initiatives being undertaken in the tourism sector he outlined the advantages Mizoram has in tourism.

In conclusion, he urged the Members of the House to renew their efforts, and resolve to work for a better Mizoram, and a stronger India.

Pu Lalrinliana Sailo read out the message of the Speaker of Lok Sabha Shri Om Birla in the House, who was invited to address the Special Session but could not attend due to unforeseen reasons. In his message, the Lok Sabha Speaker said “The North-East region of our country occupies a unique and distinctive position in our socio-cultural and geo-political landscape. The region is known for its impressive human development, including the high socioeconomic status of women. Mizoram is an important land bridge in India’s Act-East policy, making India’s critical trade and connectivity linkages with Myanmar and Bangladesh. With the beautiful natural bounty, the Mizo society is knitted together by a very unique code of ethics ‘Tlawmngaihna’ which calls everyone to be hospitable, kind, unselfish and helpful to others. I truly admire this sense of charity while putting community above self. Mizoram’s peaceful electoral processes are admirable. The Mizoram Legislative Assembly’s graceful conduct of proceedings of the House presents to all of us as a role model for our democracy. I wish that Mizoram Legislative Assembly would continue embarking on such exemplary good works and set high benchmarks in this regard even in the years to come”.

Chief Minister and Leader of the House Pu Zoramthanga who also addressed the Special Session remarked that it was very fortunate that the 75th Year of Independence celebrations and the Golden Jubilee of the Assembly coincided. Speaking about the peaceful conduct of elections in the state and the Memorandum of Settlement better known as the Mizoram Peace Accord, he said we are a shining example of the benefits of peace and it is upon us to take the message of peace to the rest of the nation and to the world.


Speaker of the Assam Legislative Assembly Shri Biswajit Daimary paid rich tributes to the first Mizo lady Chief Ropuiliani who fought valiantly against the British colonialists and was imprisoned for her actions and said that in British times most of the Mizos were completely self-sufficient. He expressed his admiration for the way Mizoram has become one of the most peaceful states in the country and for its developmental journey in the last 50 years. Speaking on the border issue, he remarked that the Chief Minister of Assam Shri Himanta Biswa Sharma remains fully committed to solving the border issues with neighbouring states and is working hard to convince all stakeholders for an early final settlement. He called upon the legislators of the Mizoram Legislative Assembly to continue to work for Mizoram and its people in the true spirit of democracy and congratulated the members of the Assembly and the people of Mizoram on behalf of the people of Assam.

Deputy Chief Minister Pu Tawnluia; ZPM legislator Pu Lalduhoma; INC legislator Pu Nihar Kanti Chakma and BJP legislator Dr. B.D. Chakma also addressed the House on the occasion. The Governor also unveiled a monument to mark the Golden Jubilee of the Mizoram Legislative Assembly within the Assembly precincts in presence of all current and surviving past legislators.

The history of the Mizoram Legislative Assembly can be traced back to the year 1952, with the formation of the Lushai Hills Autonomous District Council under the Government of Assam. The District Council existed for a period of four terms. With the elevation of Mizoram into a Union Territory, the first Assembly Session was held on 10th May 1972.

The first Assembly was composed of thirty-three (33) members, out of which thirty (30) were elected and three (3) were nominated. The Legislative Assembly under the Union Territory also witnessed a period of four terms. The Mizoram Legislative Assembly was enlarged to forty (40) members with the achievement of Statehood in 1987.

Throughout its rich history, the Mizoram Legislative Assembly has seen a total of 232 members, with 92 members having sadly passed away. There have been 955 sittings from 138 sessions. The House has witnessed 488 Government Bills, out of which 477 Bills have been passed. However, the House is yet to pass a Private Member’s Bills, despite witnessing 5 such Bills through the years. More than 500 Reports have been presented in the House.

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