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Central Government should immediately handover the charge of rescue & relief to Army : BDF Chief Convenor Pradip Dutta Roy

District administration & state machinery complety failed to address the unprecedented crisis arising out of devastating flood in Barak Valley, specially Silchar. Central Government should immediately handover the charge of rescue & relief to Army – urges Barak Democratic Front chief Pradip Dutta Roy.

Silchar is one of the business hub of South Assam is facing an unprecedented crisis for last five days due to a devastating flood which grabbed almost ninty percent of the city. Thousands of people were staying water stuck in their respective residance for last five days as the buildings & roads are submerged in water level as high as 6/7 ft in some areas. There is no provision for drinking water or foods,no electricity, mobile network is severely disrupted. District administration & State machinery till now failed to reach to the needy people.There is cry everywhere. In view of such crisis Pradip Dutta Roy, Chief Convenor of Barak Democratic Front urges Central Government to immediately intervene & divert the task of rescue & relief to Army personals.

In a press release Dutta Roy said that the NDRF & SDRF team are not being able to reach to the water stuck people who actually need help at this hour of crisis. More number of high speed boats are required as the water flowing in some areas have high current. There was Air dropping yesterday at few places with one helicopter which is of no help. There are thousands of people who are to be rescued . Thousands of water stuck people desperately need drinking water. In last hundred years the city has not seen such a devastation. So we urge honorable PM to deploy Army as early as possible – he said.

He said though Chief Minister came here yesterday, to asses the situation & hold meeting with concerned officials, we haven’t seen any meaningful development . Quoting CM’s press briefing he said that he is trying to politicise the issue saying that some miscreants dug a portion of dyke & as such it’s a man-made crisis. He said during the last flood 25 days back District administration was aware of the leakage of river water through a portion of Bethukandi dyke . If there is suspicion about digging the dyke by miscreants, why District administration have not deployed police personnel to take care of this crucial area? It’s unbelievable that the administration which can engage entire police force for eviction of 30 lakhs trees & people from Dolu tea estate for a controversial Green Field Airport project failed to deploy two police personnel for security of the dyke . That indicates the callous approach of district administration -he said.

Dutta Roy also mentioned that during last election campaign Central Home Minister Amit Shah committed that if people choose BJP for next 5 years Assam will be made a flood free state. What the minister has to say in prevailing situation he asked.

BDF Chief Convenor said that the prime minister should consider the situation of entire Assam with due seriousness & deploy Army in Barak Valley to relieve people as early as possible.

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