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Lalsangliana Deputy commissioner of Siaha district of Mizoram has accomplished his quest for visiting all the 48 villages

 The Deputy commissioner of Siaha district, Shri Lalsangliana has accomplished his quest for visiting  all the 48 villages under Siaha district by visiting Iana and Siasi  villages,the two remaining villages not yet visited, on Saturday.

Shri Lalsangliana was posted to Siaha District as Deputy Commissioner, on the 8th of February,2022, and as soon as he took charge of Deputy Commissioner, the first task he embarked upon was  to visit all the offices under Gov’t of Mizoram within Siaha town, to build a rapport and camaraderie with all Heads of offices and their staff by meeting them at their respective offices, and also to get to know them personally, to listen to their problems, their endeavours.etc. He had visited all the offices within 4 days and after completing his office -visit, he immediately wrote  to their respective Heads of Departments at Aizawl, informing them of the  problems and difficulties faced by their respective offices in Siaha district for prompt remedial action.

The 2nd task he had embarked upon himself was visiting all the villages under Siaha district in order to get first hand knowledge of the village and its dwellers.As Shri Lalsangliana had ventured out during  special holidays and Weekend holidays only for his village-tour, his  normal office working days  never get hampered by his village- tours.

He started touring the villages in the last week of March and managed to complete today  after venturing out of his station for 9 times.However, owing to the 12th MADC General Election, he could not complete his village- tour on an earlier date.

He was warmly welcomed at every village he had visited, and had fruitful and fun-filled interaction with villagers.During his villages’ tour Shri Lalsangliana made it a point to visit, if there was any, the refugee camp at every village he had visited.

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