• Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

BSF stands on friendship path, 8 Bangladeshi civilians entered inadvertently in Indian Territory handed over to BGB on humanitarian ground

On July 19, 2022, 8 Bangladeshis who were unintentionally crossing the International Boundary were apprehended by the Janwans posted in the border area of ​​BSF’s Sector Headquarters Berhampur. Due to good relationship in India-Bangladesh, on the request of BGB, BSF handed over all the people to BGB safely.

The incident took place at Border Out Post Nirmalchar, 35 Battalion, at around 0755 am, when a Cargo Vessel entered the Indian Territory. But due to the alertness of the jawas, the cargo vessel was captured. On search, 8 Bangladeshi nationals were apprehended out of them. On enquiry, all the people revealed that they had inadvertantly entered the Indian Territory.

The identities of the aperpprehended persons are as follows.
1.Mohammed Monir Hussain(41 years) Village- Arambagh (Chapainwabganj), 2.Mohammed Sohidul Islam(53) Village-Sarupnagar(Chapainwabganj), 3.Mohammed Sipon Ali(26) Village- Barichar(Kushtia),4.Haran Kumar(39) Village- Panchangchar Ghat (Pabna), 5.Mohammed Ripin Fakir(20),Village- Khanmoris(Pabna), 6.Mohammed Lalon Ali(25),Village- Veermara (kustia),

  1. Mohammad Mukul Khan (25) Village- Humkuria (Surajganj),
  2. 8.Mohammed Kolam Ali Mandal(47)Village- Ranakoriya(kustia),

It is worth mentioning that India-Bangladesh friendship has always been good, that is why on the request of BGB, a flag meeting was organized and handed over to all Bangladeshi nationals on the request of BGB.

Friendship is first priority

Public Relations Officer, South Bengal Frontier state that the friendly relations between the both countries are very good. Both the countries are making efforts to stop smuggling on the International Boundary. All those apprehended have been handed over to Bangladesh on the request of BGB, taking assurance of proper legal action. Officer stated in strong words that he is determined to completely stop smuggling from his area.

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