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Saliki Sema Naga village of Assam to enter Arunachal Pradesh

ByMithun Baruah

Jul 21, 2022 #Margherita

Hekiye Sema Gaon Burah(village headman) of Saliki naga sema village along with other villagers under 124 number Margherita Constituency of Tinsukia district will enter Arunachal Pradesh if there demands were not fulfilled at the earliest.

Hekiye Sema said that we are deeply deplore to appraise you that since time immemorial, we the Sema Naga have been settled down at Saliki naga sema village situated at Assam Arunachal Pradesh border under 124 number Margherita constituency of Tinsukia district but unfortunately we have been nakedly deprived from the Constitutional Rights and other inter-alia safeguard provisions, as such the social empowerment, economic development political right, education, Health Centre, drinking water and infrastructure and also various form of atrocities such as harassment, insult, humiliated, physical and mental assault, army /police tortured rape, molestation murdered, illegal disposes of the land, false case institutions, and also Forest Right provision has been violated as we continue to suffered since many decades.

Kahoto Sema Chairman and Isohe Sema member of All Assam Sema Naga Council came down heavily on the BJP led Government both at the State and Union for doing dirty politics in the name of development where at Saliki Sema Naga Village there is no Electricity, poor communication,no safe drinking water supply, No ME and high school,No health centre and above all we don’t have land pattas whoch is the biggest tragedy of being Sema Naga.

It may be mention that Saliki naga sema village has been settled since 1925 before the country’s independence which is an Margherita protected area under Tirap frontier Tract where than Additional Superintendent of police Margherita has issued a residents pass to the villagers of Saliki naga sema village where Sema Naga,Tangsa, Singpho,Tai phakey,lotha,Ao and Wangchu aboriginal tribes are residing more than 200 years ago at Tirap frontier track NEFA part 2/ Tirap tribal belt and block with an population of near about 50,000 but than Government both at the State and Union is not giving us land pattas and other basic amenities for which we shall enter Arunachal Pradesh as our place is an inter state area said Kahoto Sema.

Kahoto Sema Chairman of All Assam Sema Naga Council said that few days ago we are invited by Tinsukia district Deputy commissioner for an meeting that Saliki Sema Naga village shall remain as proposed reserve forest where one Sema Naga family will get 2 hectare land with patta documents but unfortunetly Assam Government forest department without having any discussion declared Saliki Sema Naga village as Reserve forest which we are very much dissatisfied and disappointed.

In the year 2006 than Congress Government has assured to provide land pattas to all Sema Naga villagers through Forest dwell Act 2006 since than we are deprived of land pattas said Kahoto Sema.

Tirap Autonomous Council district demand committee which was formed for separate council for the aboriginal tribes of Tirap frontier track which if BJP led Government both at the state and Union declared Tirap frontier track/Tirap tribal belt and block as 6th Scheduled than we shall not enter Arunachal Pradesh otherwise in the coming days we all aboriginal tribes of Tirap frontier track shall enter Arunachal Pradesh like wara village, phinbiro 1 and 2,Hacheng kan,jopa kan and Bomgara villagers have enter Arunachal Pradesh said Kahoto Sema Chairman of All Assam Sema Naga village.

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