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BSF took the pregnant woman to the hospital inspired by the spirit of security as well as cooperation

ByNE India Broadcast

Jul 29, 2022

( Dist – Nodia )

The troops of Border Out Post Silberia, 08 Battalion showing the spirit of cooperation with security in the border area of ​​Nadia district, took a seven month pregnant woman to the hospital on 28th July, 2022. The Company Commander of Border Out Post Silberia got information that Devki Rai, W/o Ujjwal Rai of village Silberia, is seven months pregnant and suddenly her health has deteriorated and her family needs a vehicle to take her to the hospital. After which the company commander without delay sent the BSF ambulance along with the nursing assistant to Devki Rai’s house. From there, the pregnant woman was taken along with family members to the Community Health Center in Bugla. Where immediately the doctor on duty gave the necessary treatment after the primary examination. When the condition of the ailing woman improved, she was taken back to her home.

The pregnant woman’s family expressed their heartfelt gratitude for the cooperation of the Border Security Force and said that BSF always helps the needy people.

Rajeev Raturi, Commanding Officer, 08 Battalion stated that the Border Security Force troops always do duty at the International Border, be it storm or storm, day or night. Along with this, they are always ready to help the people living on the border. Due to which there is always a mutual relationship and cooperation between the Border Security Force and the border residents.

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