• Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

AASAA took out protest rally at Margherita

On tuesday one hour protest rally was called by All adivasi Students Association of Assam(AASAA) Central Committee and Tinsukia district committee in association with AASAA Margherita, Digboi,Pengree,Bordumsa and Phillobari Regional Committee regarding burning problems faced by Adivasi community people of Assam since many centuries.
More than 500 members of AASA took out a protest rally from Margherita Rangamancha to Margherita SDO(civil) office and shouted various slogans against the BJP led Government both at the Centre and Union.

Ramanus lakra General Secretary of AASAA Tinsukia district committee, Garnel Minze President and Samuel Topno General Secratary of AASAA Margherita Regional Committee said that Adivasis of Assam, have enormous economic contributions to the State’s exchequer which can neither be denied nor ignored but sadly the Adivasis are the most backward communities in the State of Assam and lagging behind in all the developmental parameters.

The prevalent motto of BJP party before it’s actual power in 2014 was “Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikash, Sabka Biswas” but this seems to be far away from the reach of our Adivasi Communities in Assam. For decades, we have been placing our demands to both State and Central Government for the overall development of our communities and however, with much concern we would like to state that we have been systematically denied of our Constitutional Rights and no effort is being made by the government to bring us in the larger framework and main streamline of development said Garnel Minze.

The proposed inclusion of Adivasi Communities of Assam in the ST (Scheduled Tribes) list through the Constitution (ST) Order (Amendment) Bill, 2019 is a culmination of the promise made by BJP before the 2014 Lok Sabha (MP) and 2016 State Assembly Elections as already introduced in Lok Sabha vide Bill No. Ill of 2019, the Amendment of Constitution (Scheduled Tribes) Order, 1950, in PART II.-Assam, in paragraph II, after entry 14, Adivasi Communities are to be inserted accordingly said Garnel Minze.

The list of Adivasi Communities referred as per the recommendation sent from the State Govt. of Assam vide letter No. TAD/BC/323/08/Pt-1/112 dated 26.08.2013 is highlighted here are Munda, Oraon, Santal, Kharia, Saora, Shabar, Parja, Bhumij, Baraik (Chik Baraik), Birhor, Kawar, Lodha,Baiga, Pahariya (Mal Pahariya), Kishan, Adivasi Nagasia,Asur, Bedia, Gorait, Halba, Majwar, Mirdha, Mahali, Bhil, Koya, Khond, Dhanwar, Pradhan, Korwa, Kherwar, Gond, Chero, Kol, Birjia, Damdari and Bonda as well as we place our demand to the State Government of Assam to segregate Nagasia, Asur,Bedia ,Gorait, Halba,Majwar, Mirdha, Mahali, Bhil, Koya, Khond, Dhanwar, Pradhan, Korwa, Kherwar, Gond, Chero, Kol,Birjia, Damdari, and Bonda which we place our demand to the State Government of Assam to segregate Communities from the six communities and send the recommendation separately for Adivasi alone for the inclusion of Adivasi communities into the Scheduled Tribes (ST) List as per the exact norms and benefits of the Amendment of Constitution (Scheduled Tribes) Order, 1950. Moreover, apart from 36 Adivasi Communities, AASAA demands the Government to grant Scheduled Tribes (ST) and Scheduled Castes (SC) status to all those communities of Assam who are eligible for ST/SC as per RGI, NCST and the Constitution of India said Garnel Minze.

Apart from the demand of Scheduled Tribes (ST) status to Adivasis in Assam we put forth our other legal demands as follows to Provide Matti-patta (Legal Document) for land occupied by Adivasis in Assam, to stop eviction on Tea Garden Lands in Assam, As per Notification No. F.:/MW.V.D.A dated 01.10.2020 for Assam (Wages per day, until March,2021) Skilled Labours were supposed to get Rs. 419.63/- but this was not implemented for our workers in the Tea Gardens. Therefore, we demand the daily wages for Tea Garden Workers to Rs. 551 and to Provide sole authority to ‘Adivasi Jatiya Manch’ for the issuance of OBC Caste Certificate to Adivasis community people living in Assam said Garnel Minze and Samuel Topno.

A memorandum was given to Chief Minister of Assam Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma through Margherita SDO(civil).

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