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An Awareness programme on Right to Education and Drugs Abuse held at Longtong Sema Naga village.

ByMithun Baruah

Aug 5, 2022

An awareness programme on “Right to Education, Act 2009” and “Drugs free Society” was held at Longtong Sema Naga village Auditorium hall on friday which was organised by Tinsukia district legal Service Authority in association with Children Friends Club(NGO) Margherita.

Kasto Sema Gaon Burah (Village headman) of Longtong Sema Naga village presided the meeting Siddhartha Shankar Sonowal (ACS) Executive magistrate of Margherita Administration (civil) was present as chief guest where Kahato Sema Chairman of All Assam Sema Naga Council, Retired police personnel Khamti Sema, Bhikkhu Megawante of Khumchai Buddha Vihar, Anand Tayeng Secretary 2 No Longtong village defence party(VDP) and other members of VDP from various villages of 124 No Margherita Constituency were present at the awareness programme.

Pappu Sah president of Children friends Club(NGO) Margherita moderated the whole programme.

Kahato Sema in his inaugural speech said that without education a Nation a Society cannot get developed for which every individuals have to be educated and there is no shortcut to success.

Kasto Sema said that Longtong Sema Naga village was established in the year 1904 which is the oldest village of 124 No Margherita Constituency under Tinsukia district but now a days Drugs Abuse has rampantly increased at our nearby village areas for which educated and upcoming generation are spoiling there lives where many have became mentally reitarted which I request to Marguerite Administration (Civil) to take special measures to control drugs menace at village areas.

Siddhartha Shankar Sonowal in his speech said that everyone who were present at the awareness programme must take an oath that we shall bring an awareness and conscious among the people of Longtong Sema Naga village and other areas.

A drugs addicted person is not an curse for our society hence we must not discriminate him/her and contact that person and his/her family members and convince him morally and mentally about the menace of drugs abuse said Siddhartha Shankar Sonowal.

First of all we all should make an committee with all section of people and organised Sports,Street drama, Community meetings and Sunday prayers for drugs abuse person so that the communication gap between drugs abuse said us shall drastically removed said Siddhartha Shankar Sonowal.

The role of Village Defence party(VDP) is very important in controlling drugs abuse at village areas and I appeal all VDP members to be aware about the menace of drugs said Siddhartha Shankar Sonowal.

One VDP member said that those who are selling Hooch now they are involved in drugs business at Longtong village and other village areas and those who are not getting drugs they are consuming “Codine” cough Syrup which is rampantly sold at all Medicine Pharmacy of 124 No Margherita Constituency under Tinsukia district and without doctor prescription pharmacist gave to drugs abuse person which has become a trend.

Siddhartha Shankar Sonowal said that Longtong Sema Naga village should become a Model Village and from here itself drugs free society and State must begin.

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