• Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

Tipong Colliery of NEC reeling under heavy threat

North Eastern Coal fields (NEC) Coal India ltd Margherita which has stopped its coal production in the year 2020 due to environmental issue and again this year NEC has started coal production has started only at Tikak Colliery but unfortunately other 5 collieries such as Tirap, Tipong,Ledo,Bargolai and Namdang Colliery are non functional but unfortunately since 1 week at Tipong Colliery more than Rs 100 crore iron,Brass, Aluminum and precious metals has been stole by miscreants which employees and security guards are in terror as more than 500 thieves by using Max Pick up vehicle despatched the metals.

On Sunday a team of Purvattar Khaadan Mazdoor Sangha affiliated to BMS went to Tipong Colliery and were astonished to see that iron,Brass,Aluminum, and precious metals were stolen with value of more than Rs 100 crore amount estimated.

Bharat Bhushan Borthakur president of Purvattar Khaadan Mazdoor Sangha affiliated to BMS said that it is unfortunate that NEC which is the only Maharatna Company set up Margherita is now reeling under heavy threat due to thieves now entering Tipong Colliery to steal precious metals openly which we suspect involvement of local youths which they supply to local scrap dealers.

Kolkata is the head office of Coal India Ltd where through MSTC tender is done and than scraps can be taken from Collieries but unfortunately without the concern of NEC Coal India Ltd Margherita how thieves can steal precious metals openly which we demand for heavy security forces at Tipong Colliery said Bharat Bhushan Borthakur.

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