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Bisa Nong Singpho honoured by Margherita Administration (Civil)

ByMithun Baruah

Aug 14, 2022 #Margherita

As a part of the celebration of India’s freedom struggle Bisa Nong Singpho the great grandson of freedom fighter late Bisa Bom Singhpo was honoured by the Office of the Sub-Divisional (civil) Officer, Margherita at his residence Bisa Gaon, Margherita on Sunday.

Freedom Fighter Bisa Bom Singhpho was the prominent ring leaders who revolted against the British Government. He was captured in the year 1830 and later sent to Dhaka jail. The Bisa Gaon is also known for another revolutionary leader of the same clan Late. Beesa Gaum, who was also captured by the British in the year 1843 and imprisoned for life in Dibrugarh Jail.

Bisa Nong Singhpho was presented with an traditional Assamese Phoolam Gamosha and National Flag by Binay Kumar Deka, SDAO, Margherita and Gurmeet Suri, SDIPRO, Margherita.

Along with the close and extended family members of Bisa Nong Singhpho noted Social worker,Retired Headmaster of Sankardev High School, Ledo and renowned Journalist of Ledo Jagat Changmai was also present during the time of honour.

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